Where to buy potatoes for planting

Where to buy potatoes for planting

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Everyone who grows potatoes knows that after several years of excellent fruiting, any, even the best variety, gradually begins to lose its inherent yield, the ovaries in the bushes become smaller, the weight of the potatoes also begins to decrease. In part, gardeners themselves provoke the creation of such a situation, taking potato seeds from a common heap.

Experts believe that this is wrong. Seed potatoes should be selected during harvest, choosing potatoes of the optimal size and correct shape only from bushes with a good ovary and not damaged by any diseases.

The second reason may be the property of potato tubers from year to year. accumulate more and more pathogenic bacteria... Thus, each subsequent generation of potatoes will be more and more prone to various diseases.

If the question of replacing a variety is acute, then it is worth considering, where to buy potatoes for planting. There are, of course, several options.

  • You can buy a good variety that neighbors or acquaintances have recently bred in their garden.
  • If finances permit, you can buy potatoes for planting in a specialized seed store. The price, though in this case, is considerable, but if the variety takes root, then the costs will pay off very quickly.
  • When looking for a suitable option where to buy potatoes for planting, you can find the addresses of specialized farms that grow elite potato seeds on the Internet or in gardening magazines and order planting potatoes directly from the manufacturer. In this case, you will have to spend a certain amount on the costs of shipping the planting material.

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