Why are the cucumber seedlings stretched out?

Why are the cucumber seedlings stretched out?

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When we state that the cucumber seedlings are stretched out, we often do not know for what exact reason this happened. The most likely cause may be a failure in light and temperature conditions.... In order to avoid stretching, it is recommended to make a round-the-clock backlight for three days after sprouting, and reduce the temperature to 16 degrees.

If the seedlings of cucumbers are drawn in, then it should deepen it when planting. You can plant cucumber seedlings in only warmed and warm soil, after the establishment of warm weather. If the seedling is long and has up to six leaves, then the bottom pair should be removed and the plant should be planted down to the removed leaves. Before planting seedlings, you need to inspect too small sprouts, with small leaves and thin stems it is better to discard, most likely, such plants will die during transplantation, and if not, they will hurt.

General recommendations for growing cucumbers are as follows:

- The best and most reliable way to grow cucumbers is through seedlings;

- when transplanting, the seedlings must have at least three true leaves and must be transplanted only with a lump of "native" soil;

- for a safety net, it is better to sow 20% more seeds than necessary;

- you need to plant seedlings thirty days after the start of growing, you can not re-grow seedlings;

- planted shoots in the ground must be well watered, every three days, the water should not be cold, but warm;

- the cucumber bed should be warm and prepared;

- it is possible to plant seedlings only with an already established heat;

- avoid thickening of the planting;

- when it gets cold, the seedlings need to be covered;

- after three days, you need to tie up the plants;

- for the entire summer period, you need to make up to five dressings;

- during harvesting of fruits, too large fruits take away from the plant a lot of nutrients that are so necessary for him and other, still small fruits.

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