How is pepper picking carried out

How is pepper picking carried out

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What is seedling picking? Picking is the process of transplanting seedlings from a common box into separate pots or cups. So pepper pick allows you to grow healthy and strong seedlings, which means you get a rich harvest. As soon as the third true leaf is formed in the pepper seedlings (approximately 15–20 days after the seedlings are pecked), it is time to picker.

Step-by-step instructions for picking pepper

  1. A prepared soil mixture based on peat and humus is poured into individual pots, to which sod or field soil and loosening materials, for example, calcined river sand, as well as fertilizers are added.
  2. 2 hours before the pick, it is necessary to water the seedlings abundantly with water at room temperature, then the seedlings will be delivered easily and without damage.
  3. After removing the seedling from the plant, the lower third of the root is cut off, this will help develop a lobe root system. Such an operation has a good effect on the state of the plant when growing in a glass, and with subsequent transplantation into the ground.
  4. In prepared pots with soil, the soil must be moistened, leveled, and then make small depressions in the center. The pepper should be planted at approximately the same depth at which it grew, a maximum of 1.5 cm deeper.
  5. Gently holding the seedling, it is placed in the hole and covered with earth. After transplanting pepper seedlings, the ground around the stem needs to be slightly compacted.

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