Seedling strawberries by mail is a good way to get promising varieties

Seedling strawberries by mail is a good way to get promising varieties

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To get this or that strawberry variety without any problems, amateur gardeners can use the mail service. Thus, you can acquire new, highly productive, interesting varieties.


  • Offer and form of payment
  • Types of packaging
  • Terms of purchase
  • Symptoms of poor quality seedlings

Offer and form of payment

Strawberry seedlings grown by specialized farms are delivered by mail to the customer. In addition, agricultural enterprises usually offer:

  • strawberry and strawberry seeds of promising varieties
  • plant protection products
  • biofertilizers
  • growth promoters

Orders for the delivery of strawberry seedlings, seeds and related products are carried out by the mail to any locality at the request of the customer. The form of payment offered by agricultural firms is cash on delivery. It should also be taken into account that the companies selling seedlings can set a certain amount of the minimum order.

Types of packaging

Modern technology "FRIGO" implies the cultivation of manually calibrated individual strawberry plants in nurseries, which are specially prepared for the possibility of long-term storage. For this, the seedlings are treated with special solutions.

Sealed packaging allows storage of such seedlings for a long period, of course, subject to the recommended temperature conditions. The ability to plant such seedlings alternately throughout the summer is of no small importance - the harvest with good care will be continuous throughout the summer and until the autumn October frosts.

Also, strawberry seedlings by mail can be obtained by another type of cultivation - cassette. This is an original modern technology, when the rooting of the plant is carried out in cassettes, which ensures one hundred percent safety of the seedlings during transportation and excellent survival rate.

The development and growth of such plants is not suppressed or stopped. If such seedlings are planted in the middle of summer, then by autumn they will have time to form strong plants with a good supply of flower buds. In the spring, such plants, with proper care and feeding, may well give an excellent harvest.

Terms of purchase

Usually ready-made seedlings for sale arrive in the summer, around July. At this point, it is already well rooted, has a developed closed root system. Therefore, it will easily withstand postal delivery. It is good to plant in July, because young rosettes, immediately after adoption, will begin to accumulate strength for the next year's harvest. Around August, the bushes will begin to accumulate strength, lay flower buds.

You can also safely plant young strawberry seedlings until mid-September. But the harvest will be weaker, since it will not accumulate peduncles in the garden bed, but only in seedling cassettes.

By autumn, strawberries with open roots are on sale. In terms of cost, it is, of course, cheaper. But it is better to order it by mail in nearby nurseries, since delivery will take time, and not all nurseries pack planting material well with moss.

As a rule, when planting strawberry seedlings with an open root system in autumn, the bushes try to gain a foothold in the garden, spend all their strength on rooting. Therefore, they simply do not have time to lay flower buds. Then you will spend the whole next year looking after the new plantation without the return of the harvest. If the variety is unique, then patience will certainly be justified.

In spring, strawberries are sold with both closed and open root systems. They have already wintered and passed the rejection. This is the most favorable planting period, the rosettes are well accepted, since there is enough winter moisture in the soil. But it happens that the spring assortment of strawberries is less rich than in summer.

If the desired varieties are on sale all the time, then for postal delivery it is better, of course, to select the spring or autumn time. During periods of high temperatures, that is, in summer, there is a possibility of significant drying out of the plants.

Symptoms of poor quality seedlings

  • The leaves are dull, lethargic, the color is not quite green;
  • The roots are not visible from the peat pot, the plant barely holds in the ground;
  • When removing a plant from a seedling container, there is no overgrown lump of roots, they have not filled the entire volume of the container;
  • Seedlings with an open root system have roots less than 6 cm, they show signs of decay.

If some seedling pots came with these signs, don't be too upset. Plant the rejected specimens separately in the school. Put the wilted bushes in warm water for 3 hours, then plant and spill the plantings abundantly. For better rooting, treat the plantings with Kornevin or heteroauxin.

If signs of rot are seen on the roots, clean them thoroughly and treat them with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Postal delivery of varietal strawberry seedlings is very convenient. For yourself, you can pick up excellent and high-yielding seedlings. After all, it is much safer than buying what is unknown at the bazaars from private traders.

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