Planting lettuce

Planting lettuce

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With the arrival of spring, summer residents begin the planting season for various vegetables. After the last winter frost, they are usually planted cold resistant plants... It can be planted between rows of other vegetables.

Usually, planting salad carried out seeds... Fertile soil fertilized with organic matter is suitable for this plant. You can sow lettuce seeds in early spring, with the arrival of the first heat. Lettuce grows pretty quickly ripening time range from 25 to 50 days. At the same time, planting lettuce can be performed throughout the summer.

If the planting of lettuce is not carried out between the rows of other vegetable crops, then the area for this plant should be flat. The consumption of seeds per square meter is 0.5 grams. Planting depth seeds should be about one centimeter. It is best to sow seeds in rows, keeping the spacing between rows, and plants in the same row.

Depending on the type of salad, there are different recommendations for maintaining this distance. For leaf lettuce the distance between the rows should be at least 15 centimeters, and in the row between the lettuce bushes at least 3 centimeters. Kochanny lettuce is planted from each other at a distance of 8-10 centimeters, and about 25 centimeters are left between the rows.

Take care of the salad very simple. The plant is very moisture-loving, therefore it needs regular abundant watering... It is also necessary remove weeds and loosen the soil.

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