Exotic on the windowsill - strawberry Alexandria

Exotic on the windowsill - strawberry Alexandria

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Almost everyone loves sweet and flavorful strawberries. But what about those who do not have their own land? Strawberry Alexandria grows well on the windowsill! In this case, of course, you will not have to rely on a grandiose harvest, but a few kilograms of the most fragrant sweet berry can be obtained.

What strawberries to grow on the windowsill
When choosing a variety of strawberries for growing on a windowsill, you need to take into account not only the taste, but also the features of its structure. Strawberry Alexandria is perfect, this variety of remontant strawberry does not form a mustache. The bush grows 20-25 cm tall and feels great in a pot. At home, such strawberries bear fruit almost all year round. Depending on the size of the plant and the time of year, you can pick from 2-3 berries up to 200g per week.

How to grow strawberries on a windowsill
Having chosen the most lighted window sill, you can start arranging a flowerpot for growing strawberries. It is imperative to put drainage on the bottom of a pot with a volume of 5-6 liters and arrange additional perforations for water drainage. It is advisable to add white, sea sand to the earthen mixture. Strawberries love light, loose and well-fertilized soil. The soil of peat, sawdust, turf and leafy soil is excellent. Water the plants as the soil dries. You need to fertilize strawberries in moderation, as they can "go to the leaves", which is not at all necessary for a "home" plant.

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