How to properly plant raspberries and take care of them in the future?

How to properly plant raspberries and take care of them in the future?

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In this article, you will find answers to the following questions. How to plant raspberries correctly so that they produce juicy and long-lasting berries in your garden? And also how to look after her in the future?

If you plan to plant a raspberry in your garden, a sunny place is a prerequisite, since the berries, which will soon ripen, do not like shade, but love moisture very much. As for the sowing month, it is early October or early spring.

After theoretical advice, let's get down to practical and take a deeper look at the question: How to plant raspberries correctly? So, the pit should be 30-40 centimeters deep, put about 2-3 kilograms of rotted manure on its bottom and mix it with the ground. Then we insert the raspberry seedling and carefully add the earth, after which we make a small hole. We water the already planted raspberries with 6-7 liters of water and sprinkle a little with manure, then cut the stem with secateurs so that its size from the ground is no more than 30 centimeters.

Now, after we have planted raspberries, the question is necessarily asked and what to do with it next? And the answer is simple, caring for it is mandatory and regular watering and cutting off unnecessary shoots, keep your raspberry plant in order and with a lot of bushes nearby, you need to carefully separate the holes from each other. Good luck!

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