Growing and caring for strawberries

Growing and caring for strawberries

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Sweet strawberry annually pleases children and adults with its bright, unforgettable taste. Therefore, most gardeners-gardeners have at least small beds for strawberries.

You don't have to be a connoisseur to grow this berry. But getting a good harvest from year to year is possible only with a lot of effort. Strawberries are not very demanding on the soil, but they prefer black soil and dark gray forest soil. This plant needs a site change at least once every three years. You can plant it after cereals, green manure, black steam. Planting after potatoes and tomatoes is not recommended.

To prevent the beds from overgrowing with weeds, after planting the seedlings, sprinkle the soil around with sawdust. It is best to plant strawberries in early spring or fall. Prolonged lack of watering negatively affects productivity. Therefore, if the rains are late, grab the watering can. Humidity should be moderate to prevent the spread of infections.

Top dressing can be done twice a season. Chicken droppings diluted in water are good for this. It is important to do row spacing (loosening) as well as trimming the whiskers (by hand or with discs attached to the cultivator).

Depending on the soil and climate, the variety of strawberries and their care, you can get a fairly good harvest not only for yourself and your family, but also as an income. It is easy to sell strawberries, this berry is in demand even during the peak season.

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