How to care for cucumbers correctly?

How to care for cucumbers correctly?

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Each gardener and summer resident decides for himself how to care for cucumbers, sometimes, relying only on his intuition. However, in this matter, you also need to have the necessary knowledge to get a high yield and tasty fruits, so that the cucumbers do not get sick and are not attacked by insects.

How to care for cucumbers correctly?

- Cucumbers love warm, well-lit beds. The plant does not tolerate temperature changes, so it is better to plant cucumbers in a warm garden bed, well fertilized with manure, leaves, grass, twigs. You can plant cucumbers not with seedlings, but with seeds, observing a distance between them of about 20 cm, and between the beds about 70 cm, you need to sow seeds when the soil warms up well, at least to 10 degrees. The depth of planting seeds depends on what the watering will be, if it is possible to water often, then they are planted to a depth of 4 cm, if this is not possible, then the seeds need to be deepened by 6 cm. You need to start loosening from the emergence of seedlings.

- Correctly adjust the watering. Cucumbers cannot be poured and they will not tolerate drought, it is worth watering up to five times a week, and if it is hot days, then more often. If the weather is cool or cloudy, then you do not need to water the cucumbers. Moreover, it is advisable to water the cucumbers with warm, well-settled water, without getting on the leaves and without eroding the roots.

- Watch the antennae. Remove excess immediately, as they "take" nutrients. Antennae are indicators of the state of the plant, if they grow intensively, then everything is fine with a cucumber, if on the contrary, then the growing season is over.

- Cucumbers need help to build up the root system. Flowers on cucumbers appear early, when the plant is not yet ready for normal fruiting, so it is better to remove early flowers and shoots from the axils of the first leaves. You should also remove the lateral shoots that appear next to the ovary.

- Top dressing greatly affects the yield of cucumbers. If fertilizer is applied correctly, then you can get a very high yield of fruits, if you overdo it, then fruiting will decrease. Top dressing should be applied weekly, foliar dressing is carried out once a month. You should also take into account the condition of the plants: before fruiting, cucumbers need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and at the time of fruiting, cucumbers need more potassium, nitrogen and magnesium.

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