Ways of planting garden strawberries

Ways of planting garden strawberries

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Strawberries are a wonderful garden culture, it is not without reason that they are called the queen of all berries. Externally attractive, strawberries have excellent taste, and in terms of vitamin C content they can even compete with black currants.

Each gardener chooses the most convenient methods of planting strawberries: in the open field on long beds, in a greenhouse or a winter garden in a stacked pyramidal way, you can also take a vertical method of growing strawberries in bags.

Traditionally, the methods of planting strawberries are divided into spring and summer.

In spring, strawberries are planted from late April to mid-May, in summer from late August to mid-September.
Summer planting has some advantages, first of all, such seedlings will give the first harvests already next year, in addition, the area under strawberries can be used during the summer for growing other crops, such as vegetables and herbs.

Also, the methods of planting strawberries are divided into one-line and two-line.

In open ground, strawberries are usually planted in two rows, at a distance of about 40 cm from each other. Young strawberry bushes are placed 20-30cm apart in a row. This method allows you to arrange a larger number of plants per unit area, thereby obtaining a larger yield. The width of the beds with this method of planting depends on the moisture content of the soil, but should not be less than 80cm.

One-line strawberries can be planted between rows of garden trees, placing the bushes at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other. The spacing between single-line rows must be at least 60cm.

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