How the planting of cucumbers in the greenhouse is carried out

How the planting of cucumbers in the greenhouse is carried out

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How can planting cucumbers in a greenhouse differ? It must be remembered that a greenhouse is much easier to disinfect. But you need to be careful not to poison the cucumbers.

How to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse

The greenhouse needs to be disinfected. For this, they choose autumn. We need a solution of 10 liters of water and 1 tablet of the "Inta-vir" type, as well as 2 tablets like oxychoma. Consumption will be 10 liters per 15-20 m2.
In the spring, in April, the soil is prepared. It is made from a mixture:

  • in terms of humus and peat, sod land and ordinary sawdust;
  • six parts of peat, taken with 2 parts of humus and the same sawdust;
  • two parts of sod-type land, 3 parts each of peat, humus and again part of sawdust;
  • five parts of sod-type land and peat, possibly humus.

Then the workpieces are brought in and the beds are already made in the greenhouse - their width should be 80 cm, the height 35 cm. You still need to leave a passage between them - about 60-70 cm. Then fertilizers are spread over the beds. Calculation for 1 m2: table. lies. potassium sulfate, 1 tsp. urea and 1 table. superphosphate, a glass of wood ash or a deoxidizer. The ridges will need to be shifted to a depth of about 15-20 cm. They must be watered with a strained solution. It is made from 10 liters of 70-degree hot water, half a liter of liquid mullein (you can take 1 stack of bird droppings) and 1 teaspoon. copper sulfate, take a consumption of 5 liters for each 1 m2.
When watering is done, the sprouts are covered with a film. This is done 6 days after watering. This is how the planting of cucumbers in the greenhouse is carried out.

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