Tomato Summer resident and other varieties

Tomato Summer resident and other varieties

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If you are interested in a tomato Summer resident, then it belongs to the rather unpretentious varieties of this vegetable. But do this only under the condition of abundant watering.

Tomato and its cultivation in the country

Growing tomatoes in the open field is always associated with some difficulties. So, watering is especially important during the flowering period of the plant, the formation of the first ovaries and at the time of fruit ripening.

In addition, you should study the varieties of tomatoes that you are going to plant. After all, each of them requires proper care.

But, first of all, take care of the preparation of the soil. These rules apply to all tomato varieties. In the fall, it is necessary to add crushed eggshells, ash and garden compost to the ground. Tomatoes are in dire need of a high content of nitrogen and potash fertilizers. In this case, the soil should be slightly alkaline (for this purpose, ash is added).

Planting tomatoes will be more successful for you if the soil is thoroughly warmed up in front of the sun. Be sure to install small supports to which you will then tie the tomatoes when they grow. Also, do not forget about loosening the soil and weeding regularly.

As you can see, growing tomato seedlings and their further planting in open ground require knowledge of a number of nuances.

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