How to fertilize tomato seedlings

How to fertilize tomato seedlings

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In our country, the tomato is a common vegetable crop. Due to its excellent taste, it is included in many delicious dishes.

Therefore, many summer residents grow various varieties of tomatoes on their plots. As a rule, seedlings are first grown from seeds in greenhouse conditions, and only then are they planted in the garden.

The question of how to fertilize tomato seedlings worries many summer residents, since every year new mixtures of mineral fertilizers appear. But most gardeners still stick to proven technology.

As soon as the first leaf appears on the surface of the earth, experienced summer residents prepare a weak solution of copper at the rate of a teaspoon of copper in a bucket of water and water the first shoots with it. Thus, young shoots can be protected from late blight. Moreover, the shelf life of this solution is unlimited.

After the seedlings grow a little, it must be dived, that is, each plant must be planted in a separate hole.

Before planting each tomato bush in an individual hole, the ground must be well watered. After planting, it is advisable to fertilize the soil with any suitable mixture. About 15 g of the fertilizer mixture is taken in a bucket of water.

During the period of intensive growth, tomato seedlings also need phosphorus. Unfortunately, the tomato is not able to assimilate it from the soil sufficiently, so it is recommended to additionally fertilize young seedlings with phosphorus. Otherwise, the growth rate of young seedlings may slow down and the leaves turn dark purple. Then a good harvest is out of the question.

Such soil fertilization is the basis for growing good seedlings. In any case, how to fertilize tomato seedlings additionally, each summer resident decides individually.