Common varieties of cucumbers for the Urals

Common varieties of cucumbers for the Urals

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If you are looking for varieties of cucumbers for the Urals or other regions, you need to be guided by the climatic conditions in which this capricious vegetable will grow. For example, in the Urals, the cultivation of cucumbers in the open field is primarily associated with the presence of the simplest film shelters.

Cucumbers and their varieties

In the northern regions of Russia, such varieties of cucumbers as Amur F1, Arina F1, Voyage F1, Moscow evenings F1 grow well.

If you need varieties of cucumbers for open ground, then the Nugget comes to mind first. It can also be grown in greenhouses. The advantages of this variety include the fact that it is resistant to root rot. Therefore, if there were cases of infection with them, you can confidently be calm about this cucumber variety.

Note that growing cucumbers in greenhouses is much easier. After all, you can independently control and adjust the "weather conditions". If you plant seedlings in open ground, then you need to closely monitor it. After all, a slight deviation from the norm can lead to a poor harvest and the appearance of bitterness.

Reasons for the appearance of bitterness in cucumbers:

  • poor watering
  • shading
  • lack of nitrogen and potash fertilizers
  • high air temperature

To prevent bitter taste, take care of feeding. So, cucumbers can be fertilized with calcium or potassium nitrate, as well as a mullein solution with several glasses of wood ash.

As you can see, growing cucumbers is a laborious process, but as a result you will be happy with your harvest.

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