Pinching cucumbers

To obtain an excellent harvest of cucumbers, it is necessary to apply important agricultural techniques, one of which is pinching the cucumbers.

Already 2 weeks after planting this agricultural structure, the wire is tied to the wires with twine. This is done to separate the plant into a main stem and side shoots.

In this case, the main stem must be pinned in order to cause the formation of stepchildren - new lateral shoots, which are subsequently recommended to be tied to a wire.

Pinching cucumbers is essential for a good harvest. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, male flowers, that is, barren flowers, are laid on the main stem of a cucumber, and female flowers are needed to obtain a harvest. Fruiting flowers appear exclusively on lateral shoots, so pinching of the main stem is mandatory.

By pinching cucumbers, you can harvest a large and high-quality crop even from one plant.

The latest achievement of breeders in this area was the development of varieties of cucumbers, in which female flowers appear mainly on the main stem. But in this case, it is necessary to cause the appearance of fruiting flowers. The same principle applies here - pinching the main shoot. And already on the lateral shoots that appear later, barren flowers are laid.

Pinching cucumbers is not the only way to obtain a rich and high-quality harvest. Currently, many additional effective agricultural techniques are used.

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