Healthy blueberries in the garden

Healthy blueberries in the garden

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Why are tall blueberries so popular? In the climatic conditions of a stable middle zone, the cultivation of a variety of tall blueberries can be mastered. Some weather bursts are dangerous.

Blueberries in our country

Spring frosts are dangerous for some flowers, autumn frosts are dangerous for berries that have not yet been harvested. She can handle severe winters at temperatures up to 30 ° C.

It is planted when the landing pits have already been prepared. Their diameter should be about 60 cm. A number of conditions are required.

  • The soil mixture for blueberries is sand, horse (red) peat, sawdust. Often used bark, or semi-rotten pine-spruce needles;
  • Planting pits can be worked out - they can be laid out from the inside with a geotextile cloth, this will limit the development of plant roots outside the pit itself;
  • Find out what kind of soil is on your site. Sometimes it is very clayey - it will not work. Then drainage will have to be developed;
  • Blueberry favorably accepts moist soils, where there is no stagnation;
  • You can find blueberry seedlings on sale, they are endowed with a closed root system, and they are sold in small pots with peat;
  • It is recommended to choose sufficiently developed plants, 25 - 40 cm high.

Here are the main features. Mid-May is good for disembarkation. It is imperative to wait for the frost to pass. When there are shoots from the previous year, blueberries can already bear fruit. All fruit buds are removed within the first two years. Often, blueberries are propagated by seeds - but this is done mainly by breeders. Also, tall blueberries require the removal of weak and diseased fragments.

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