General potato storage technology

General potato storage technology

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Potatoes are one of the main food products, dishes from which are present on our table all year round. And for this, the potato storage technology must be observed.

Potato storage technology is determined by the original quality of the tubers. To increase their keeping quality, all protective measures should be strictly carried out during the growing season of potatoes.

Harvesting of tubers should be done as soon as possible. First, they harvest early-ripening varieties, then mid-ripening ones, and last of all, late-ripening ones. The tops must be removed 10–12 days before harvesting. For the good preservation of potatoes, it is important that during harvesting, as well as loading and unloading, the tubers are damaged as little as possible, since damage makes them more susceptible to disease.

The most important method of preparing potatoes for long-term storage is drying it. It is especially important for the preservation of tubers, which are kept in the simplest storage facilities with natural ventilation. Drying ensures potato resistance to infectious diseases (late blight, wet rot, etc.). As a rule, tubers are dried in the furrow from 1 to 2 hours. Their longer stay there, especially at night, on the contrary, reduces the storage capacity of tubers.

One of the most important stages of storing potatoes is the preparation of the store, which consists in repairs, thorough cleaning of debris and remnants of last year's potatoes, whitewashing the premises (two to three weeks before the tubers are placed there). Copper sulfate diluted in a small amount of warm water is added to the whitewash.

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