Garlic care

Garlic care

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In order to grow good heads of garlic, it is necessary to create the necessary conditions for this plant. Plant the garlic where it will be convenient for you to water it and where the shade of the trees will not block the sun from it.

Garlic is often planted in late autumn (this is the so-called winter garlic). He is not afraid of frost, but you need to make sure that the garden bed is covered with a thick layer of snow or well wrapped in autumn foliage.

In varieties that release an arrow in June, it must be cut off. This is done to increase the yield of the plant. Arrow trimming is done when its height reaches 5-8 cm. This must be done carefully, using garden shears, so as not to damage the plant.

To prevent the garlic heads from rotting in the ground, make sure that the water does not stagnate in the soil, that is, do not allow puddles and overflows. It is better to water often, but little by little, choosing for this morning and evening time. Stop watering altogether a few weeks before harvest.

For garlic to be as aromatic as possible, juicy and stored longer, it is important to harvest correctly and on time. To determine the maturity of the heads, peel off the ground and carefully examine the garlic. Ripe garlic has dense, well-fitting scales.

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