Diseases and pests of radish

Diseases and pests of radish

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In the spring, radish is the main source of vitamins in our latitudes. Some gardeners collect several crops over the summer, but, unfortunately, sometimes their efforts to grow this wonderful vegetable negate the diseases and pests of the radish.

The most common diseases of this culture are slimy bacteriosis, white and gray rot, powdery mildew and downy mildew, ordinary mosaic, black leg, fusarium, and keela. Diseases of bacterial origin can be treated by spraying with Bordeaux mixture. In case of a keel disease, the soil is watered with milk of lime (2 glasses of fluffy lime are dissolved in 10 liters of water). The only reliable means of dealing with a black leg is the destruction of diseased plants, a change of soil, watering the soil with a solution of copper sulfate. To prevent the development of diseases, it is better to disinfect the seeds by keeping them in aloe juice, garlic pulp solution, potassium permanganate before sowing.

Radish pests also contribute to the destruction of the crop. As a plant of the cruciferous family, radishes are affected by many pests, including cruciferous flea beetles, cabbage fly larvae, weevils, leaf beetles, cabbage moth, cabbage scoop, cruciferous bugs, larvae of click beetles, secretive beetles, rape sawflies. One of the measures to combat them is to feed the plants with slurry, many parasites do not like it. Plants can be sprayed with tobacco dust, wood ash, dope or henbane infusion.

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