Growing tomatoes at home: garden on the balcony or windowsill

Growing tomatoes at home: garden on the balcony or windowsill

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Tomatoes are a frequent guest on our tables: no one will refuse to feast on ripe juicy tomatoes, especially if they are grown with their own hands. This culture is quite resistant to a variety of pests and weather conditions, in addition, a small bed of tomatoes can be planted without even having a garden or a personal plot.

Naturally, growing tomatoes at home is somewhat different from growing this crop outdoors. Such varieties as Liana, Pink Giant or Nakhodka, due to the rather impressive size of the bush, cannot be kept on the balcony or windowsill, so preference will have to be given to miniature hybrid species, bred specifically for breeding in small boxes or pots. The most common indoor tomato varieties are Pink Pearl, Mascot, Green Petal, Indoor Miracle, Ruby, Cheria, Japanese Dwarf, Arctic Flame, and Dwarf. In addition, in any seed store you will be offered more than a dozen varieties of tomatoes that you can plant at home.

For the rest, growing tomatoes at home and caring for them has little difference from growing this crop in a vegetable garden or a personal plot. So, tomato bushes require regular watering and feeding (it should be carried out at least three times a month, using, for example, a mixture of urea, superphosphate and potassium sulfate, diluted in water). Do not forget about the garter: despite the fact that in most varieties of indoor tomatoes, the height of the bushes barely reaches half a meter, they also need additional support.

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