How to grow cauliflower

How to grow cauliflower

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Cauliflower is a very useful product, so many gardeners want to know how to grow cauliflower. It is impossible not to remember the high protein content.

Cauliflower has a high maturity - the cauliflower is ready for harvest 2-3 weeks earlier than the earliest white cabbage.

Every gardener who wants to grow it on his site can learn how to grow cauliflower. Cauliflower is planted by seedlings at a fairly early date - in March or April. Many gardeners sow seeds directly into the ground and get an excellent harvest. Seeds are sown in the third decade of April, and then covered with foil.

After the seeds have been sown, the bed must be covered with a special material or the arcs on which the film is stretched must be pulled. In good weather, the film is removed to let fresh air into the seedlings, otherwise it can stretch out.

Seedlings are planted in a permanent place when each plant has 4 true leaves. The cauliflower is fed once. This is done 2 weeks after the shoots appear.
If you want to get cauliflower at a later time, then you need to sow the seeds in the month of May. The whole process is carried out using the same technology.

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