Onion planting scheme - set and onion seeds

Onion planting scheme - set and onion seeds

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For planting onions, they first grow onions - sets, and then I plant the sets in the ground, from which the familiar onion grows for all of us, which we eat. Onions are a light-loving plant, so choose a sunny place on the site.

In autumn, take care of fertilizing the soil, manure or compost will do and add a little ash. For acidic soil, it is recommended to use lime for a good harvest.

Sowing sites must be changed every year. It is necessary to know which predecessors have prepared the soil, and which, on the contrary, have taken useful microelements. It is good to plant onions in the place where cabbage and tomatoes grew before it, and where cucumbers, garlic and the onion itself grew are not recommended.

Sevok is sown in May, when the ground warms up and frosts do not suddenly break out, spoiling the seeds. Onion seeds are soaked in water for a day. The site is being prepared for disembarkation. It is necessary to dig it up and loosen it, make grooves of about 2 cm.And the scheme of planting onions (seeds) is as follows: a distance of at least 20 cm is made between rows, 30 cm is possible, seeds are sown at a distance of 5 cm. Some people prefer to sow on a smaller one. distance, but then they have to thin it out. For speed of germination, the bed is covered with a film, and this is also done in order to avoid unpleasant moments during frosts.

Planting onions - sets are slightly different. Prepare the soil in the same way as described above. It is not soaked, but some gardeners cut off the top so that it germinates faster. So it is, just don't cut it off too much. The onion planting scheme is the following: the distance between the beds is 25 - 30 cm, and between the seedlings - 12 cm. The onions are planted with their roots down and covered with earth.

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