How to decorate a garden, drawing up a plan, original ideas, site design options

How to decorate a garden, drawing up a plan, original ideas, site design options

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The question of how to decorate a garden 10-15 years ago did not bother summer residents. After all, before, vegetable gardens were used only for planting vegetable crops, while the goal was to obtain high-quality products for their own use.

Naturally, little attention was paid to the beautiful design of the garden bed.

Today, however, a dacha or a vegetable garden has acquired a slightly different meaning, they have gradually turned into a place where you can escape from the bustle of the city and noise, enjoy direct communication with nature, and get aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of plants.


  • How to decorate a vegetable garden: drawing up a beautiful design plan
  • How to decorate a garden, make decorations with your own hands
  • Beautiful garden with flowers, original flower beds
  • Making a garden in the country, ideas for crafts in a rustic style
  • Unusual decorations for the garden and garden
  • Original crafts from tires and plastic

How to decorate a vegetable garden: drawing up a beautiful design plan

The result of any work will be positive if everything is clearly planned out and everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Decorating a vegetable garden or garden needs a certain plan, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Decide on the boundaries of the site.
  • Divide the territory of the garden into parts, come up with a design option and theme.
  • Write down what exactly you want to plant in the garden and think over what you can combine with something.
  • Indicate in the plan any details: path, structures, fence.

Multilevel planning. This option implies the placement of vegetable and flower crops, taking into account their height, this will allow you to take care of sufficient sunlight in advance.

Tall plants should be planted on the north side of the site, and undersized plants on the south.

There are shade-loving and light-loving vegetables, this factor should also be taken into account when planting, be sure to note this in your plan.

Separately consider the options for decorating the garden, think over the style, take into account the color of the leaves and flowers of the planted plants. You can combine a bed with a flower bed or flower garden.

It is imperative to complete the drawing of the path, it is important that the paths do not spoil the view, but serve as an excellent addition to the entire composition. For example, you can plant sweet red peppers along the path, red pepper lanterns will look great.

Allocate a site for greenery, plant such crops so that the site looks bright green until late autumn. It can be planted in the form of a flower bed or in rows, it all depends on the preferences and imagination of the owner.

To get an original composition, they think over color palettes in advance, planting plants so that a palette of colors is obtained, or one tone complements another.

When the plan is detailed, it is easy to move on to implementing it.

Let's watch a useful video on planning garden beds, and also learn how to decorate a vegetable garden:

How to decorate a garden, make decorations with your own hands

Now let's talk about the decorative side.

A well-groomed garden attracts with its cleanliness and neatness, but additional decorations will help to make it original, and will delight friends and neighbors.

To create original decorations, you can use any materials at hand, there are a lot of them in the country, you just have to look with imagination at what was lying around in the attic or in the shed.

For example, wood is a light and affordable material from which whole masterpieces can be built. The main thing is to treat the wood with an antifungal agent or paint so that the compositions remain presentable for a long time. Some make neat sides for the beds from wooden boards, in the form of formwork. From the outside, structures are painted in a bright color, although you can leave the tree in its natural form.

In addition to boards, the beds can be decorated with bumpers woven from vines, slate, blocks, artificial stone or brickwork. For example, you can collect stones of various sizes and shapes, they can be painted in different colors, you can draw vegetables, flowers, fruits on them, in general, any simple but bright pictures. Such stones can decorate the beds or frame the path.

Old shoes are another design option. Everyone has shoes at home that we don't wear, but it's a pity to throw them away. If you wash it, dry it and treat it with a moisture-resistant color, then the shoes are perfect as a flower or vegetable pot. Fertile soil is poured into the boot and any crop is planted.

You can come up with your own ideas, more interesting and original.

Beautiful garden with flowers, original flower beds

Vegetable crops go well with flower plants. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but has practical benefits.

Some flowers, due to their specific smell, scare away many harmful insects.

Most of all, such abilities are possessed by:

  • garden chamomile;
  • calendula;
  • nasturtium;
  • tansy;
  • marigold;
  • yarrow.

Flowers are divided into three groups: annual, biennial and perennial. As a decoration, experts recommend taking perennial and slightly annuals as a basis, so that every year they add a novelty to landscape design. Bulbous flowers are planted.

Also, thanks to the colors, you can perform different compositions, we will indicate them in the table.

Landscaping optionWhat plants are used

A flower garden is planted around the lawn or path in the form of a strip.

To implement this method, varieties of carpet plants are used: echeveria, purse.

It is worth choosing these varieties of different color palettes so that the composition turns out to be bright and impressive.


This method involves using flowers to decorate fences, gazebos, blank walls, old structures and hedges.

Hanging flowerpots are used or climbing plants are planted: clematis, rose, ivy

Decorating and creating green borders

Flowers can be used to decorate a border or make a vibrant floral border.

To do this, low-growing plants are planted on the site: Iberis, asters, black-shaved plants

Usually the back of the garden is neglected and unadorned. To avoid such a situation, it is worth attaching frames with pictures or photos, shelves or pots of flowers to a fence or blank wall.

Tin cans should be used as flowerpots, painting them in different colors or choosing one tone that best suits the garden style (it is better to take cans of the same size and volume).

Homemade pots should be hooked up with a chain or rope. If the wall or fence is made of wood, then you will need to hammer in an ordinary nail, and if it is a concrete structure, then dowels and a perforator will be required.

All this takes time and effort, but the result is worth it.

Let's watch a useful video with ideas for decorating and decorating the beds:

Making a garden in the country, ideas for crafts in a rustic style

The rustic style is beneficial in that it does not require a large investment. For this design, preference is given to standard flower beds, clay objects, and a wicker fence. Do-it-yourself wooden structures, old barrels, flowering stumps, carts, cartwheels, blocks and baskets are also actively used.

An important condition for a rustic style is disorder, creating a slight mess or chaos. For example, paths or paths should be overgrown, winding, boards can be laid out on top or laid out with pebbles.

It is advisable to use decking instead of ordinary wood, this material is externally similar to ordinary wood, but has a higher quality. For a long time it does not darken, does not deteriorate and does not lose its original appearance.

You can put an old wooden stepladder, and let a climbing plant along it.

From dead wood, you can build unusual fences from the inside of the site. For this, branches of alder or birch are well suited, if it is possible to chop them yourself in the forest.

Any wicker compositions, especially fences, are a tradition in woody style. Such fences are made around the flower garden, each garden bed, to divide the garden into plots or zones. Some gardeners make a beautiful bridge from the vine, mills, which are then installed near a pond or reservoir, if any.

There are areas with slight differences, you can hide this defect by performing a cascade of watering buckets, which can be painted in different colors.

Even an outdoor toilet decorated in this style will look pretty attractive. It can be built in an unusual shape, with an original roof, using flowers or other elements that match the design to decorate the walls.

There are no specific indications on the account of strict selection of colors, decor, observance of geometry. The main goal is to achieve the convenience, beauty of the rural atmosphere, so that sitting on a bench, you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of your home.

Unusual decorations for the garden and garden

As an unusual decoration, ordinary, as at first glance, things are easily suitable. Here are some examples.

Old bike. It can be painted in any bright color, and on the trunk, saddle, front basket, place containers with earth, plant flowers or greenery in them.

In the same way, you can use old furniture, old tires, leaky buckets, barrels, basins or shoes. You can safely experiment and come up with your own exposure options.

Concrete is easy to make yourself from sand, cement and fine gravel. Beautiful crafts are made from this material. For example, you can take a lotus or burdock leaf and apply a small layer of concrete to it (not too thin to break).

When the concrete hardens (usually it takes five to six hours), you get an original concrete sheet, which is subsequently laid on a flat surface or installed vertically, digging it a little into the ground.

For decoration, the leaf can be colored or other elements can be added to make it look alive.

From a metal bathtub, you can build a pacifying pond, and from an old teapot you can make a fountain. Get unpretentious fish.

Make a bench with a canopy from raw logs, and original swings from chairs and old armchairs.

Perform forged items, for example: a firebird or flowerpots.

Various beads, sparkles, colored glass look very unusual. Thanks to them, a vegetable garden or garden can be turned into something fabulous. This will be especially appreciated by children. They can use their old toys, souvenirs, animal molds, decorate them with paints and sprinkle them with sparkles. And if you use fluorescent paint, then any fake will glow at night, making the site beautiful and extraordinary even in the dark.

Original crafts from tires and plastic

Car tires and plastic bottles are often used for crafts.

For example, tires can be used to build a decorative pond.

You should act in this way:

  • Decide on the location of the reservoir and dig a hole for the size of the wheel.
  • Remove weeds, pebbles, tree roots and other debris.
  • Add sand fifty millimeters thick, which will serve as a cushion and compaction for the soil.
  • Put the tire in the finished pit, and cover the bottom with polyethylene, fixing the edges.
  • Now water is poured.
  • Paint or decorate the tire.

Also, different figures are made from car wheels: a bear, a dog, a crocodile, a donkey, a swan, a turtle and a snail. To do this, the tire is cut according to the intended character, bent and turned out at the end, sometimes two tires are used at once. You can paint the animals, add decorations and small elements.

The bus can be used as a flower pot or hanging planters. To do this, they should be cut, turned out, poured into the soil and planted.

A person with creativity can make a swing out of tires.

Also, barrels or composts are made from tires, you cannot do without them in the garden. You will need to put the tire one on one, for this you need to purchase products of the same diameter and size, and be sure to fasten it with something so that the structure does not disintegrate.

Plastic is a cheap material from which you can also make a lot of variations of crafts for the design of a vegetable garden or garden. Plastic pots or cups will look very nice, they can be hung or buried in the ground.

You can make a fence, flower beds and curbs from plastic bottles.

It is not difficult to make funny penguins, then paint them in different colors. You can involve your children, such joint work will reveal their creative talents.

To do this, you should follow these steps:

  • Take a couple of plastic bottles.
  • The bottom of the bottles is cut off ten centimeters.
  • Now the two trimmed parts are connected, with deaf parts outward, and empty parts inward. In appearance, the structure will look like barrels.
  • Now it is worth painting with paint, drawing a nose, eyes, a black apron, a beak and other parts, for example, a hat with a scarf. Make a funny pompom from the same plastic.

It is better to make several penguins at once or a whole family.

Bird feeders look original; this decor is especially useful in the winter season.

So, there are many ideas on how to create an unusual design for your garden. You can pick up interesting options on the Internet or create something individually, using imagination and ingenuity.

Do not forget about children, they can submit amazing proposals, which you can then implement together.

Spending a little money and time, you can achieve excellent results, and the garden will become any place for a pleasant pastime for your whole family.

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