Ultra-early watermelon, description and photo, yield, planting and care, reviews

Ultra-early watermelon, description and photo, yield, planting and care, reviews

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Ultra-early watermelon is one of the most popular early varieties among summer residents.

To get a big harvest, you need to know some of the nuances about planting this crop and caring for it.


  • Watermelon Ultra-early from the company Siberian Garden, variety description and photo
  • Features of planting, growing, care rules
  • Yield
  • Ultra-early watermelon from the Altai Seeds company, reviews
  • Ultra-early watermelon Chain mail
  • Seeds of ultra-early and ultra-early watermelons, new items

Watermelon Ultra-early from the company Siberian Garden, variety description and photo

Consider how exactly the ultra-early watermelon variety differs from its congeners:

  • The variety is early, early maturing. Produces a bountiful harvest.
  • It has good resistance to cold and low temperatures.
  • The growing season generally takes two and a half months or eighty days.
  • The bush grows compactly, side shoots grow in limited numbers and are underdeveloped.
  • The plant loves light and warmth.
  • The berry is dark green in color, round in shape, with dark stripes.
  • The weight of one ripe watermelon ranges from four to six kilograms.
  • Inside, the flesh is grainy, tender, red in color, there are very few seeds.
  • The berry tastes sweet, even sugary when ripe.

The yield and taste of a crop largely depends on how competently the rules of agricultural technology for growing a given crop are applied.

Features of planting, growing, care rules

It is necessary to act according to the following scheme:

  • Usually this culture is grown from seedlings. For this, the seeds are planted in separate containers, when the first shoots appear, they are sent into the open ground. The containers are used 10 cm in volume and 10 cm in depth.
  • If the cultivation is carried out by seeds, then they should be soaked in water for a day, and then planted in the soil, 4 cm deep.
  • In order for the shoots to grow more actively, a mixture of humus and peat can be added to the soil. However, half of the soil with fertilizer is poured into flowerpots, the rest is supplemented with ordinary soil. It is necessary to add soil every day, as it shrinks a little.
  • Under optimal conditions, seedlings develop in a week, maximum 10 days.
  • Planting in open ground can be carried out when the soil warms up to a temperature of + 12 C + 15 C.

If the cultivation is carried out under a film, it is necessary to remove the first formed lateral shoots up to 50 cm. In the future, the shoots must be pinched after the second, third leaf.

The stem is tied to a trellis. If the seedlings germinate in greenhouses, all side shoots are eliminated.

If the soil has warmed up to the specified temperature, planting in open soil begins.

To do this, you need to prepare the site in advance. The garden is dug up, while making sure that the upper soil layer is well loosened, fertilizers are applied: minerals and humus.

As a care, the following manipulations are carried out:

  • loosening the soil;
  • watering;
  • removal of weeds;
  • feeding with mullein solution and chicken droppings.

When many fruits are formed on one plant, pruning is carried out, from 5 to 7 berries are left on one bush. If you leave more fruits, they will turn out to be small and lose their sweetness.

There are small nuances about watering. It is important to use warm water, otherwise the root system may be damaged. During the ripening period of berries, watering stops, if there is a need for water, the bush will independently take the necessary moisture from the soil with the help of the roots.

Let's watch an interesting video about the Ultra-early watermelon variety:


Ultra early varieties are always productive.

Watermelons ripen in two and a half months, starting from the first day of the growing season.

During harvest, it is important to pay attention to the waxy bark and coloration. When ripe, the waxiness of the watermelon is almost absent. When tapped, a ripe berry has a slight dull sound.

Ultra-early watermelon from the Altai Seeds company, reviews

You can find a lot of reviews about the ultra-early variety on the forums, here are a few of them.

Margo writes: For a long time at my dacha I wanted to plant an early variety of watermelon, settled on an ultra-early variety from the company "Seeds of Altai".

I bought the seeds in early June and planted them right there. All the seeds gave growth. One hundred percent germination amazed me.

In the last days of June, the seedlings were planted in open soil. Growth was slow at first, but when the hot days began, things got better. The result is a sweet and delicious watermelon that is great for our climate. I recommend to everyone!

Ultra-early watermelon Chain mail

This variety has the same characteristics as the ultra-early watermelon.

The bushes grow compact, the berries are dark green, round, with a delicate sweet pulp.

The cultivation technique and care is carried out according to the general scheme.

Seeds of ultra-early and ultra-early watermelons, new items

Seeds of watermelon hybrids have been bred by breeders since the nineties.

Of the most famous varieties that appeared after 2000, we will note a few, we will indicate them in the table.

Variety nameYear of appearanceCharacteristics
Eureka F 12010It is considered hybrid, grown only under film. Berries are oval in shape, the weight of one watermelon is about 14 kg. The variety is resistant to low temperatures, extreme heat and diseases typical for this crop.
Suga Delikata F12010The fruits ripen for 75 days. The pulp is tender, the crust is dense, the watermelon is oval, dark green in color.
Blade F12011, USAThe berries are large, weighing 12 kg. Round or oval shape, strong growth and crunchy flesh is a distinctive feature.

The ultra-early watermelon is popular for its fast germination and good early harvest.

Although the berry is small in size, it is very tasty and sweet with proper care.

We offer you to watch a video about growing watermelons:

Watch the video: Funky Melon Harvest Homegrown Seeds Final (May 2022).


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