Herbicides for corn, purpose of application, where to buy, how to apply correctly

Herbicides for corn, purpose of application, where to buy, how to apply correctly

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The fight against weeds is the eternal scourge of gardeners. However, it is important to understand that only the right herbicides for corn will help get rid of the problem.


  • What are herbicides, for what purpose are they used?
  • The most popular herbicides for corn: stelar, titus, prima, milagro and others, their brief characteristics
  • Where to buy post-emergence corn herbicide and how to apply it correctly
  • What is included in tank mixes of herbicides for corn, advantages
  • Application rules

What are herbicides, for what purpose are they used?

Herbicides are chemicals that are used to control weeds in agriculture. Along with fungicides, which are used to combat pathogens and insect pests, these substances are combined under the name pesticides.

In a case where no other method can cope with the onset of weeds, only chemicals can help.

The action of herbicides is aimed at inhibiting the development of weeds with subsequent death.

Selective herbicides are used by gardeners, farmers and gardeners. This weed control method is called chemical weeding.

Another group of these agents are continuous herbicides used to treat large areas.

Depending on what will be processed, the properties of different drugs in this series may differ. So the means of continuous action are distinguished by a higher concentration than that of selective ones.

The most popular herbicides for corn: stelar, titus, prima, milagro, their brief characteristics

When buying a weed control product, it is important to know which crop it will be used in the area.

For processing fields with corn, the funds indicated in the table are suitable.

QuasarIt is used after germination, has a selective effect, systemic for a number of herbs. Release form - suspension, known for the speed of action
MilargoSystemic selective agent, inhibits and destroys cereal and dicotyledonous weeds in corn fields (silage and grain)
MirandaCrop-safe insurance herbicide recommended for weed control between crops. It is important to apply the product without additional additives.
PrimaTwo-component postemergence systemic herbicide for the control of annuals and a number of perennials
StellarRecommended for combating perennial grasses with overgrown root systems
TitusA systemic drug that acts selectively on a wide range of plants. It differs in the speed of action, the result can be seen already on the fifth day from the moment of processing

When choosing funds, it is recommended to focus on the composition, company, customer reviews, but not the price.

The most expensive remedy is not always effective, but the cheapest one will often, at best, have no effect at all.

Let's watch a video about corn herbicides:

Where to buy post-emergence corn herbicide and how to apply it correctly

You can buy any herbicide at any specialty store. If you need a brand or a specific product is not in place, you can place an order through a store or independently find a product on the network.

After the drug has been purchased, you can start processing.

In this case, it is important to follow a number of rules:

  • It is necessary to mix the mixture in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;
  • When mixing and handling, it is important to keep the liquid away from the skin. If this happens, be sure to rinse the damaged area with water;
  • It is better to apply the treatment early in the morning or late in the evening, while it is not recommended to spray the product in the direction of the wind.
  • A timely cultivated area will help keep the harvest at a decent level and, as a result, increase the profit of the owner of the site.

The use of post-emergence herbicides for corn, watch the video:

What is included in tank mixes of herbicides for corn, advantages

When using tank mixtures of different herbicides, the effectiveness of the agent is significantly increased. When using mixtures, weed populations do not have time to develop resistance to mixtures.

Another positive feature is the expansion of the spectrum of action with a decrease in the frequency of treatments and, as a consequence, the load on the agroecosystem.

Often, several drugs are included in the tank mixture:

  • Maythus 40 l / ha * Aminka 0.5 l / ha;
  • Milafuron 1, 25 l / ha * Decembrist 0.4 l / ha;
  • Maythus 40l / ha * Prius 0.5l / ha.

The combination of several active substances makes it possible to expand the spectrum of action of the mixture and increase its effectiveness.

Each mixture has a different scope of action, so before purchasing it, it is recommended that you determine exactly what herbs you will have to fight with.

So, if most of the site is affected by ragweed, it will be ineffective to use funds aimed at destroying cereal grasses, which should be taken into account.

Application rules

In order for the use of the tank mixture to be as effective and safe as possible, it is recommended to follow a number of rules.

It is so important to consider such points as:

  • You need to mix funds in strict order. In this case, the solution must be prepared immediately before use. It is not recommended to leave the prepared solution or its residues for the second spraying, the mixture will no longer be effective;
  • When mixing components, the solution must be constantly mixed. Ideally, continuing occasional stirring is important when spraying;
  • When choosing a spraying device, do not stop choosing tools with copper inserts;
  • It is important to monitor the temperature and quality of the water when making the mixture. The latter must be clean, with a temperature of at least 10 ° C. If the water temperature is lower, the effectiveness of the drugs decreases.

After the solution is ready, spraying is carried out. At the same time, it is not recommended to allow the liquid to get on the corn.

The correct selection of herbicides for corn and any other crop plant will help to significantly increase the yield by destroying one of the main pests - weeds. The selection should be approached thoroughly, paying attention to the composition and characteristics of the product.

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