How to get fleas out of the house with folk remedies, which plants will help get rid of parasites

How to get fleas out of the house with folk remedies, which plants will help get rid of parasites

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Fleas are parasitic insects that can feed on the blood of both animals and humans, and at the same time causing a lot of inconvenience.

These insects multiply rapidly and spread throughout the house.

To prevent this, you need to get rid of them in time. Let's figure out how to get fleas out of the house with folk remedies, since this method is the safest for humans.


  • Fleas in the house - what is the danger of such a neighborhood
  • How to get fleas out of the house with folk remedies
  • Folk remedies for fleas in cats
  • How to get rid of fleas in a home with a baby
  • Methods for quickly getting rid of insects, which commercial preparations can be used
  • Will baking soda and salt help fleas

Fleas in the house - what is the danger of such a neighborhood

Fleas are dangerous in that they leave punctures at the bite sites, and this can cause a number of external skin lesions:

  • dermatitis;
  • redness, burning and itching of the skin;
  • an allergic reaction;
  • swelling;
  • in rare cases, suppuration of the bite site and an increase in lymph nodes are possible.

Also, fleas are carriers of infections, the infection is easily transmitted through birds and animals:

  • Through rats, a person can become infected with the plague.
  • Fleas after birds transmit salmonellosis.
  • You can contract typhoid, hepatitis C and B, tularemia.
  • The likelihood of being hit by helminths increases.

As you can see, blood-sucking insects are very dangerous for humans, so you should not neglect safety measures, especially if there are children in the house.

How to get fleas out of the house with folk remedies

A folk remedy for parasites will only help if they have not had time to spread excessively.

Effective remedies are:

  • Wormwood and pine sawdust. They have a specific pungent odor that repels insects. These substances do not kill fleas, but they drive them out and do not allow them to return.
  • Persian chamomile. The herb contains pyrethrin, a toxic substance that kills insects within a short time. The plant is used freshly harvested and in the form of a powder made from dried flowers. Sprinkle freshly picked stems and leaves on the floor for a day. After a few days, the procedure should be repeated. The same procedure is carried out with wormwood.
  • Prepare a concentrated infusion based on: tansy, mint, wormwood and eucalyptus. Tincture should be used to treat all furniture, walls and corners in the room.

It should be remembered that often folk remedies are used as prevention, you may have to repeat such procedures many times to achieve a positive effect.

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Folk remedies for fleas in cats

To free your pet from torment, you can use folk recipes.

To rid the cat of parasites will help:

  • Pine sawdust. It is necessary to fill the sawdust on the bedding or spread them in each room, in neat bags. This will act as a deterrent and prevent insect breeding.
  • Cold, especially in winter. Fleas are thermophilic insects; they die at low temperatures. It is believed that systematic airing of rooms in winter will help get rid of parasites.
  • Prepare a powder from baking soda and salt. This mixture should be applied to all carpets and cat litter. Leave the room closed for several hours. Then everything needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. You can also prepare a saline solution (200 g of salt is used for 8 liters of water). This solution is intended for bathing a cat. It is necessary to firmly hold the paws of the animal and lower it into the container, leaving only the head outside. This procedure lasts no more than 3 minutes, then the cat needs to be rinsed with warm clean water. The pet will be very resisting, so strength and patience will be needed.
  • Tar soap. The soap not only kills parasites, but also acts as a healing and pain reliever. This option is considered the most effective, since the tar kills not only adult insects, but also completely destroys the larvae and eggs. Soap is considered natural, completely safe for animals and people. It is necessary to shake it in water until foam forms in order to rub the cat's fur with it. After five minutes, the foam is washed off. The procedure is carried out until there is complete removal of insects, most often three to four times are enough for this.

You can take advantage of other options by consulting your veterinarian.

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How to get rid of fleas in a home with a baby

Some commercially available insect repellents can cause a severe allergic reaction in a child, so they should only be used when the child is absent.

In other situations, it is better to use safer methods, for example:

  • Buy repellents that contain natural substances such as wormwood, cedar nut oil, and mint.
  • Buy shampoo based on eucalyptus, juniper, lavender and geranium. Children love to walk with pets, so pets should be bathed regularly, washing their neck and chin thoroughly. After bathing, the animal must be processed again. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a solution in advance: boil one lemon in half a liter of water, insist the agent for seven hours.
  • It is necessary to regularly ventilate the room, carry out general cleaning, subject children's things to heat treatment with an iron.
  • It is important to wash your outdoor shoes, paying special attention to the soles.

Such recommendations will protect the apartment from the appearance of fleas.

Methods for quickly getting rid of insects, which commercial preparations can be used

As purchased fast-acting drugs, you can recommend those listed in the table.

DiatomiteInsecticide based on natural ingredients, produced as a powder. Absolutely harmless. The product should be scattered over the surface of the carpet and left for a day. Then you need to thoroughly vacuum, and, if necessary, repeat the manipulation again.
DichlorvosA popular remedy that allows you to deal with any type of insect. The composition includes pyrethroids: deltamethrin, cypermethrin, permethrin. It works quickly and effectively, but it is not safe for health.
RaptorAvailable in aerosol form. The main advantages are non-toxic and odorless. You can get rid of parasites without leaving the premises. An aerosol is sprayed into the room, and the person can continue to be in this room.

In fact, there are a lot of effective insect repellents, some toxic, others not.

Before purchasing, it is important to carefully read the instructions.

Will baking soda and salt help fleas

Soda and table salt are very effective remedies. Salt crystals, when they get on the body of the parasite, begin to eat away at it. If you put salt on the carpet, then both larvae and adults will die in speed. Soda works the same way. Both methods are completely safe.

To achieve a positive result, it is important to carry out the following preparatory work:

  • remove residents and pets from the room;
  • take out the dishes, food products, as well as everything that may be useful within 4 hours;
  • the floors should be washed with a solution of whiteness or vinegar.

The composition should be prepared in advance, for this you need to mix soda and salt in equal proportions and leave it to infuse for ten hours.

Now the compound is scattered over the carpet and spread evenly with a broom or brush. If there is a wooden floor or linoleum in the room, then it is washed out with water with a ready-made mixture.

After careful processing, the room is closed for four to six hours.

After the end of the specified time, the product is removed from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, and from the linoleum with a wet rag.

To enhance the effect, the procedure can be repeated again, this will help get rid of the larvae completely.

So, there are several alternative methods that can effectively get rid of insects. These products are non-toxic and non-allergenic.

However, if the situation is neglected and fleas have spread throughout the apartment, it is better to use commercial preparations based on chemicals.

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