Why it is impossible to plant trees on the site, signs and superstitions, are they fair

Why it is impossible to plant trees on the site, signs and superstitions, are they fair

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Signs and superstitions came to us from antiquity. There are many statements about the safety of planting fir trees.

This article explains why you can't plant Christmas trees on your site, and whether you should trust these statements.


  • Why you can't plant Christmas trees on the site, is this statement true?
  • Signs associated with blue spruce
  • Is it possible to plant a pine tree in the courtyard of a private house, signs associated with pine on the site
  • Scientists' opinion on planting conifers near the house
  • Spruce on the site according to Feng Shui
  • Conifers in modern landscape design

Why you can't plant Christmas trees on the site, is this statement true?

To plant or not to plant spruce on your site, it is up to everyone to decide.

There are popular beliefs that make some people think about this question, here are some of them:

  • It is believed that in the summer, the tree takes positive energy from its owner and from everyone living in his house. In winter, on the contrary, the tree gives off the strength and energy accumulated over the summer. If in winter a person does not have enough minerals and vitamins, it is recommended to walk near conifers, and there will be no physical decline and vitamin deficiency. Bioenergy will charge you with positive emotions and energy for a long time. However, this is just what they say, from a medical point of view it has not been proven.
  • The ancient Slavs believed that the spruce brings some misfortune to the household. For example, a woman in this house will lose the ability to bear children, and if she gives birth, then only a female child. If a single woman lives, it is believed that she will live alone all her life, or will soon die.

These are myths, false information. In the past, conifers were not planted near dwellings for safety reasons.

Ate is highly flammable, and any spark can cause a fire. Previously, many buildings were wooden, so fire destroyed them in seconds, and energy has nothing to do with it.

Usually the tree grows up to forty meters in height.

If such a tall tree grows near the house, then in a strong wind, the branches can block the chimney, which will lead to the death of the owners from carbon monoxide.

On the territory of Ukraine and Russia, few people believe in such superstitions, and trees are planted in almost every yard. Some trees grow for many decades without causing any problems for people.

About why it is impossible to plant Christmas trees on the site, about superstitions and signs associated with conifers - in the video:

Signs associated with blue spruce

There is one sign that came from Finland, where the colonists first planted blue spruce. People considered it sacred and feared anger. During the harvest, the owner showed the fruits to the tree, and only then he collected.

Some believed that if one branch of spruce died, then surely one of the colonists would also die, and that is what happened.

Of course, this could be a coincidence, but many took it seriously. This continued until all the colonists died. After the tree was completely dry, the oldest resident died. However, their descendants survived. Since then, the tree has been considered a harbinger of death.

People who do not depend on prejudices and do not look at any predictions live freely and are happy to plant blue spruces, enjoying their beauty and decorativeness.

Is it possible to plant a pine tree in the courtyard of a private house, signs associated with pine on the site

Pine is a very beautiful and useful tree. However, due to beliefs, many are afraid to plant it in their yard.

Some believe that with frequent contact with a pine tree, a person loses a lot of energy and vitality. Others say that when there is a pine tree in the yard, quarrels occur in families that end in divorce.

They say this because the tree grows alone and drives out all its "neighbors". Therefore, it is recommended to plant this coniferous tree only in forests.

In fact, the pine has a flaw, but it has nothing to do with omens.

Fallen needles oxidize the soil, which negatively affects the growth of other plants.

Therefore, it is not recommended to plant pine next to flower beds or in gardens.

Scientists' opinion on planting conifers near the house

Scientists explain all superstitions logically.

Here are some of their reasons:

  • Previously, spruce and pine trees were planted singly. This tree was expensive and very tall, as the branches of other trees grow sideways and the spruce grows upward. Because of this, during a thunderstorm, the first thing lightning strikes are Christmas trees, hence the name "killer spruce" or "unfortunate tree". When the owner wants to plant needles in his area, he must take this factor into account and cut off the top for safety.
  • Houses in old Russia were built from wood, which is considered flammable. The presence of a tall tree next to the house, which also ignites quite quickly, naturally increased the threat of a fire from sparks periodically flying out of the chimney. This is also worth considering.

Scientists explain the loss of strength and energy by the fact that cutting down the crown of a Christmas tree takes a lot of time and effort. Using the same time, four common trees could be cut down.

This explains all the myths and legends, so belief in superstition is not relevant today.

We suggest watching a video about the benefits of conifers:

Spruce on the site according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an Eastern teaching, according to which trees and shrubs that bear fruit or blossom are considered useful. The rest, including spruce and pine, have poor energy and negatively affect the state of the human body.

Lonely Christmas trees that grow outside the yard are considered the most dangerous, as they will attract negative energy, saturate everything around it.

Feng Shui prefers pine over spruce, considering it more positive.

Conifers in modern landscape design

Nowadays, many do not know about signs, or do not believe in them. For people, the tree is associated with something positive, beautiful and festive.

Children and adults are often photographed near conifers at any time of the year, and no one was hurt by this.

Superstitious people are considered weak in character, because in case of any trouble or trouble, it is easy to write off everything on a tree, a cat or other signs. Although, how to live and what to believe, each person decides for himself.

Spruce trees are often used for landscape design, as they remain green all year round, and this refreshes the site and makes it presentable in any weather.

Conifers can be trimmed to create any decorations and shapes, they go well with many plants, if you collect the fallen needles in a timely manner. Such courtyards are always attractive and delight those around them.

So, if a person is afraid and believes in different omens, this is his right, let him not plant spruce. And if a person is free from predictions and superstitions, then he can be sure that the coniferous tree does not carry negative energy and is absolutely safe!

Watch the video: How Tree Planting Can Help Reverse Climate Change (May 2022).


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