Pinching tomatoes

Pinching tomatoes

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Pinching is the process of using small scissors or fingers to remove the top of the plant over the top leaf. The purpose of pinching is to redirect energy towards flowering and fruit formation.

Pinching of tomatoes is carried out for faster ripening of fruits, since without this method tomatoes can remain green for a long time.

Pinching can be done on cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, melons, etc. Pinching of tomatoes is performed in high varieties so that the fruits ripen before the cold weather. Tomatoes should be shaped into one stem, leaving seven or eight flower clusters. Also leave 1 or 2 stepsons to get additional harvest. All other stepchildren at the roots and from the axils of the leaves are removed.

It is better to choose the morning time, then the stepsons break off easier. To prevent a viral infection of other plants, the stepsons do not cut off, but break off to the side. Leaves at the very root and soil, unnecessary stepchildren must be removed for the prevention of various diseases of tomatoes. It is necessary to ensure that the stem at the root is dry, so that light gets there, there is air circulation.

Tomato fruits develop on flower stems that grow between nodes from the main stem. You cannot cut them off, as they produce tomatoes. It is necessary to preserve the emerging flowers of tomatoes. Remove new shoots growing in internodes, as well as old leaves.

Taking proper care of tomatoes will bring you juicy and tasty fruits. A good harvest is indicative of a true and experienced gardener. Pinching is one of the most common ways to care for tomatoes.

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