The preparation Healthy Garden, reviews, where and how it can be applied

Who of the gardeners or truck farmers does not dream of a rich harvest. This can be understood, because the execution of work on a personal plot takes not only a lot of effort, but also time.

Modern agricultural technologies can lead to improved results and lead to an excellent harvest, regardless of weather conditions, because they are so difficult to predict. This will help the unique and one-of-a-kind preparation Healthy Garden, reviews of which are often found on the Internet.


  1. Description of the Healthy Garden biocomplex, what are its features
  2. Instructions for the preparation Healthy Garden, when and how it is used
  3. Where can you buy the Healthy Garden biocomplex
  4. Use of the drug Healthy Garden - positive aspects
  5. The effect of combined use with Ekoberin
  6. Reviews about the drug Healthy Garden

Description of the Healthy Garden biocomplex, what are its features

Biocomplex is a natural remedy designed to strengthen plant health, stimulate protection in adverse conditions and their growth. Helps plants launch defense mechanisms and resist diseases and pests.
Helps to enhance the effectiveness of EM products. Can extend the life of cut flowers for a significant period.

It is a homeopathic remedy made from high quality sugar, structured with a special effect of gold, potassium, magnesium and sodium salts.

When the granules are dissolved in water, it changes its structure. In a similar way, structured water affects the rate of the processes in plant cells.

Energy and chemical processes are restored, the production of protein and chlorophyll is increased, and the concentration of carbohydrates that attract pests is reduced. A healthy garden is a universal regulator of processes occurring in plant cells.

Instructions for the preparation Healthy Garden, when and how it is used

The product is intended for spraying the foliage of plants and watering the soil under them. When granules of the drug are added to the water, it changes its structure and transfers the information received to the plants.

To prepare 1 liter of nutrient solution, you need to dissolve 2 balls of the product in 100 grams of water. As soon as the drug is completely dissolved, you need to add 900 grams of water, shake well, and then start spraying any plants.

To prepare a different amount of solution, you need to increase the ratio of water and granules in the required number of times.

Watering and spraying:

  • completely healthy plants need to be processed once every 30 days;
  • weakened plants are processed once every three weeks;
  • weakened indoor plants and seedlings are treated weekly for the first 4 weeks, then twice a month;
  • each adult tree will need 5 liters of solution;
  • young trees and large shrubs require up to 2 liters of solution for processing;
  • small bushes will be enough 1 liter for each;
  • 10 square meters of lawn, agricultural or flower crops will need 1 liter of structured water.

Health promotion

For this, three forms of the remedy are used:

  • oil solution;
  • water-alcohol solution;
  • granules.

For the manufacture of a water-alcohol solution, you must take two granules of the drug. They need to be lowered to dissolve in a tablespoon of 20% alcohol. To make 20% alcohol, you need to take 1 part of 96% alcohol and add 4 parts of water to it. Mix thoroughly until the grains are completely dissolved. The resulting liquid must be shaken every time before use.

A similar dosage form is used to lubricate wounds, abrasions, acne, herpes on the lips and nose, nails, if they exfoliate or are affected by a fungus.

Granules are taken by dissolving 2 pieces under the tongue. They need to be taken from 2 to 6 times a day for allergies, manifested by lacrimation, sneezing, runny nose in combination with the main treatment.

The same remedy is used when using medicinal enemas in order to reduce high body temperature or intended for cleansing. To do this, you need to dissolve 12 grains of the product in two liters of water, to which a tablespoon of salt has previously been added. The liquid should be at room temperature.

To prepare an oil solution, you need to take 7 drops of a solution prepared in alcohol and mix them with any vegetable oil in the volume of one tablespoon.

It can be used as a massage oil, for the treatment of burns, acne, trophic ulcers, rubbed into the zones of Zakharyin-Ged. When treating a cough, you can rub the back between the shoulder blades, in case of pain in the heart, rub it into the chest in front, if pain appears in the right hypochondrium, rub it into the place of pain.

Use in the kitchen

Dissolve 7 peas of the preparation in 1 liter of water and soak fruits or vegetables for 40 minutes before use.

Soaking fruits in a biological product A healthy garden before use for food will provide yourself and your family with ecologically clean products.

It is necessary:

  • children, because up to a year they do not work, and up to 6 years, the mechanisms that neutralize nitrates are significantly weakened;
  • expectant mothers and people who have a tendency to food allergies or intestinal microflora disorders;
  • gardeners and gardeners who grow vegetables and fruits within 40 kilometers of large cities and busy highways;
  • people living in places where the ecological situation is bad and those who take care of their own health.

It leads to:

  • the solution draws in nitrates and their indicators in fruits are reduced by half or more;
  • there is a restoration of cellular respiration in vegetables, fruits and greens - which leads to an increase in their energy potential, vitality, which are transmitted to people.

After storage or when grown in areas where unfavorable environmental conditions, fruits and vegetables require "revitalization". This enhances the taste and nutritional quality of the food.

Where can you buy the Healthy Garden biocomplex

You can purchase this drug from authorized dealers or using the services of the online store on the manufacturer's website.

Use of the drug Healthy Garden - positive aspects

The tool today is the most environmentally friendly and harmless method of healing and protecting plants from various diseases and pests.

The fact is that when plants are healthy, they quickly produce the protein they need for growth, especially for foliage formation. In weakened plants, this protein is produced more slowly. Plants mainly produce carbohydrates.

According to the laws of nature, weakened animals or plants cannot survive. Its task is not to allow to give offspring to weak representatives of the species, because this can cause degeneration. For this very reason, predators kill sick or weakened herbivores, because they simply cannot cope with strong and healthy ones and cannot catch up.

Mites and insects mainly feed on carbohydrates. Therefore, they attack weakened plants, because it is they that contain carbohydrates in large quantities.

The use of a Healthy Garden normalizes the protein-carbohydrate balance in plant cells, which protects them, and in some cases even relieves diseases.

The drug is a universal regulator of biochemical processes in plant cells. For this reason, plants that are constantly cultivated by the Healthy Garden are free of nitrates and chemical toxins.

Many summer residents and owners of private households on their plots grow vegetables and fruits to meet the needs of the family. They think that if they do not use pesticides and mineral fertilizers in large quantities, their products are environmentally friendly.

This is a complete delusion, because even a hundred kilometers from any large city, the environment is polluted by exhaust gases and industrial waste that fall on the soil with rain.

When you really want to grow environmentally friendly and healthy products on your own plot, you need to start treating it with this product in spring or soak fruits and vegetables from your own plot in a solution.

The effect of combined use with Ekoberin

The effectiveness of the biological product is enhanced when it is combined with Ekoberin, which is based on plant adaptogens.

To prepare a combined solution, you need to simultaneously dissolve two granules of each of the agents in a liter of water.

Treatment of the garden and vegetable garden with this solution will create effective protection for plants in areas with poor environmental conditions. This contributes to an increase in the survival rate of plants in harsh environmental conditions. In addition, plants acquire resistance to sudden changes in temperature, frost, and ultraviolet radiation.

Reviews about the drug Healthy Garden

On the forums there are many different reviews from gardeners and gardeners about the biological product Healthy Garden. They all agree that the product is highly effective and significantly increases the quality of products.

Gardeners note that if greens are wrapped in a cloth, previously soaked in an aqueous solution of the Healthy Garden and left in the refrigerator, they retain their qualities much longer.

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