Melissa officinalis - a healthy herb in your garden

Amateur flower growers plant their home gardens and flower beds not only with beautiful flowers and herbs, but also useful ones. One of these plants is lemon balm, which is very often used for medicinal and prophylactic purposes, in particular, it is prescribed as herbal teas for people with increased nervous excitability who cannot calm down for a long time and therefore suffer from insomnia.

Melissa officinalis is a perennial plant that reaches a height of about half a meter and has a highly branched root, which is why it is very similar to small bushes with opposite leaves, which in fact are of particular value in pharmacology.

It is quite easy to grow lemon balm, since this plant propagates by seeds, and by layering, and by dividing the bush, and by root cuttings. As a rule, lemon balm is sown or planted in flooded areas, since in one place it can grow up to ten years. If lemon balm is sown with seeds, then in the first year it does not bloom. If lemon balm is planted with root cuttings, then such roots are chosen. on which there are 3-4 cuttings.

In general, there are no difficulties in growing this plant, so lemon balm can be grown even indoors or on balconies.

Melissa officinalis is also used in folk medicine to treat the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, liver, as a general tonic after colds or any other infectious disease. In addition, there can be virtually no side effects from taking this herb.

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