The best vegetable seed producers in Russia, firms you can trust

The best vegetable seed producers in Russia, firms you can trust

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When choosing seeds for planting vegetables and flowers, gardeners pay attention to the company that produced them. Popular products are presented by companies that have proven the quality of the goods they offer.

When buying planting material, consumers rely on their previous experience. Manufacturers offer a wide range of not only seeds, but also various soils, greenhouses, containers for planting, garden tools.


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  2. Altai seeds
  3. Aelita
  4. Semko Junior
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  6. Siberian Garden - SibSad
  7. Russian vegetable garden - NK
  8. House of seeds - Sortsemovosch
  9. SeDeK
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Seed producers in Russia

Planting material on the Russian market is offered by a variety of assortments. All products have a guarantee, which is issued only after checking the quality indicators: germination, resistance to pests and diseases, shade and sun tolerance.

The proposed list is regularly updated and replenished. New varieties and hybrids obtained by selection are introduced into it. Manufacturers sell their goods through wholesale and retail chains.

Altai seeds

Production begins its history back in 1995.Since that time, the company has been developing and mastering modern market directions. In addition to seed products, which have received a lot of positive feedback from gardeners, the company offers a huge selection of seedlings of ornamental shrubs and roses.

The breeders of the agricultural enterprise are engaged in the development of new types of hybrids and fruit and berry crops, adapted to changes in temperature conditions, characterized by sharp jumps.

The offered varieties of vegetables are shade-tolerant. With insufficient lighting, they are able to please with an excellent harvest.

The company pays much attention to interaction with foreign manufacturers, actively exchanges new developments in the field of breeding. The germination capacity of the sold seed products is regularly monitored and compliance with the specified varietal properties is confirmed.

On the territory of our own nursery, aquatic, bulbous and herbaceous plants of new varieties are grown.

In addition, gardeners are offered garden tools, hotbeds, greenhouses, and special literature for gardeners on the cultivation of vegetable crops. There is a great opportunity to purchase all manufactured goods at retail or wholesale, using the manufacturer's official website. Wholesale buyers are waiting for pleasant bonuses.


The company was founded in 1994. It is engaged in the production of quality seeds of flowers, vegetables, herbaceous crops. Also in the price list of the offered goods there is a mycelium of mushrooms, printed materials for plant growing, peat and garden accessories.

Over the years of Aelita's existence, more than 400 new varieties have been created. Their number is increasing every year. The work on the development of new varieties was awarded with special prizes and diplomas. The company representatives take part in various international seminars.

Semko Junior

The company produces and sells seedlings, seeds, seedlings. Employees often attend international seminars where they learn from the experience of foreign colleagues. The enterprise publishes a newspaper called "New Land Owner". The company's specialists participate in radio and television broadcasts.

The company's website contains a complete list of seeds, which includes:

  • ornamental plants,
  • flowers,
  • vegetables,
  • seedlings of fruit plants and shrubs.

Using the services of an online store, you can order goods without leaving your home.

The company sells the best planting material at an affordable cost. It is possible to buy goods wholesale or retail. Customers who constantly purchase products from this manufacturer will be pleasantly surprised by various bonuses.


The company started its activity in 1990 and quickly won the hearts of the villagers. Today it occupies one of the leading positions in the production and sale of seed of its own production.

All products of its production have special patents. Close cooperation is underway with Austrian and German specialists in this field.

All proposed planting material is adapted to the climate of the northern and central regions of our country. All products are thoroughly tested in experimental fields.

The branded packaging contains tips for proper cultivation and care. All products are protected by a guarantee. On the premises of the enterprise, seedlings of various fruit trees and shrubs are grown.

Siberian Garden - SibSad

The company was founded in 2007. Its products have gained popularity in areas with difficult climatic conditions: Western and Eastern Siberia, the Urals, the Far East. The catalog is updated and replenished every year. Bred plant varieties are introduced into it.

Breeding nurseries are located in the Novosibirsk region. Produced plant seeds have the following qualities: frost resistance, shade tolerance, resistant to various diseases and pests.

The quality of goods is constantly monitored, which increases germination, prevents mixing of varieties. SibSad is one of the main producers of planting material for peppers and tomatoes. Work is underway to develop new varieties of roses, dahlias, lilies, peonies that can delight the inhabitants of the northern climatic zone with their flowering.

Russian vegetable garden - NK

The agricultural enterprise was born in 1995. Its breeding center is located in the Moscow region. The new hybrid varieties of flowers and vegetables have received excellent ratings at international exhibitions.

Bred by breeders, new varieties are exhibited not only in Russia, but even in Holland.

The firm has indoor and outdoor breeding grounds. The names of new varieties, their photographs are placed every year on the pages of a bright catalog, distributed free of charge.

A large selection is offered: vegetable seeds, flower crops, seedlings of fruit and indoor plants. It implements a wide range of fertilizers, protective agents aimed at combating harmful insects, a variety of supplements for feeding.

Before being sent to retail chains, the products are subjected to special control at pilot sites. The declared varietal characteristics are being checked. In laboratory conditions, germination control is carried out. If it is less than 93%, the seeds are rejected.

Testing for resistance to diseases and harmful insects is mandatory.

All offered products are covered by a quality guarantee. To order, you can visit the company's website or its store on the Internet. The goods can be bought all over Russia in specialized stores.

House of seeds - Sortsemovosch

The agrofirm sells seed throughout central Russia. The seed house is located in St. Petersburg. There you can buy seedlings of flower crops. But the seeds of vegetable, herbaceous crops, mycelium of mushrooms, bulbous flowers can be bought using the services of an online store. The order will arrive in any locality of the Russian Federation by mail.

The seed is adapted to the harsh climate. It has a high germination rate and is subject to quality control.

The company also produces a variety of fertilizers, fertilizing, insect repellents, diseases and preparations that promote the development of plants. Here you can also buy inventory, greenhouses, books and magazines on floriculture, vegetable growing. Wholesale and regular customers are encouraged by bonuses, discounts, participation in promotions.


Year of foundation - 1995, produces seeds and develops new varieties. The products have become widespread throughout Russia and abroad. The company offers seed that meets quality standards, distributes at affordable prices.

The list of offered goods includes products that meet the needs of the most demanding gardeners. The company's specialists are engaged in the development and sale of fertilizers and fertilizers that contribute to the activation of the growth of funds.

The distribution of goods takes place through retail outlets and their own website on the Internet. Representative offices of the company are located in different cities of the country and neighboring countries.


The company was founded in 2003. It sells seeds produced by Dutch specialists. The assortment of the company includes more than 150 varieties of vegetable seeds and over 300 types of flower seeds.

Products are sold in bulk to agricultural complexes and farms. Careful control guarantees almost 100% germination.

The yield is fully dependent on the fulfillment of the sowing conditions:

  • terms;
  • humidity and temperature;
  • soil quality;
  • timely application of dressings and fertilizers.

The company sells seed products through an online store.

Russian vegetable garden

The company grows and distributes seed products under the Russian Size trademark. The company sells seedlings of fruit trees, berry bushes, seedlings, seeds, fertilizers and dressings.

All offered goods are included in the catalog, it is updated annually, new varieties and hybrids are added.


Year of foundation - 1990. For its work uses the base of the All-Union Research Institute. The company's specialists are engaged in the development of new varieties and seed production.

Search has its own selection center, scientific division, production base, retail outlets.

The company gives a guarantee for the seed material sold. Buyers are offered a wide range of products, which includes: seeds, seedlings, flowers, fruit seedlings, decorative, indoor plants.

The firm works closely with Dutch specialists. The manufactured products participate in foreign exhibitions. All products are certified. The nursery, opened in 2001, is engaged in breeding new varieties of fruit trees, ornamental, aquatic, coastal plants, bulbous perennials and berry bushes.

You can get acquainted with the assortment by visiting the website or by looking at the company's store on the Internet, which works around the clock. When placing an order, it will be delivered to any place on the map of Russia.


The company does not produce its own seeds - it is engaged in special processing of seed materials using technology patented in the Russian Federation and America.

Thanks to plasma treatment, the quality of the seed is improved, the germination and resistance to diseases and pests increases.

The uniqueness of the processing method used is reflected in the price of the product, which leads to its rise in price.

By visiting various forums, you can find reviews about producers of quality vegetable seeds. Unfortunately, the opinions of gardeners differ. Some people like the seeds of a particular manufacturer, while others do not.

For this reason, it was not possible to compile a black list of careless seed producers.

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