Watermelon Siberian lights, variety reviews, recommendations for growing

Watermelons, as a culture, are already about 4 thousand years old. A watermelon came to us from South Africa.

The cultivation is carried out in the southern regions of our country. For the northern regions, breeders have developed cold-resistant varieties of this culture.


  1. Watermelons as a culture
  2. Variety Siberian Lights
  3. Characteristics and features of the variety
  4. Growing technology
  5. Reviews of summer residents about the variety of watermelon Siberian lights

Watermelons as a culture

Watermelon is a heat-loving and light-loving plant. Therefore, it grows in those regions where daylight hours are long, and summer is most of the year. But gardeners are inventive and creative people, they are constantly trying to change something in the cultivation of such exotic crops. After all, every gardener wants to see this exotic culture on his site.

So watermelon was no exception, several varieties of watermelon were bred for the northern regions. Here, to this day, the culture grows well and bears fruit, managing to do this even in the short summer of the Siberian region. Previously, it seemed impossible to grow such a miracle in the harsh Siberian climate, but experienced breeders have achieved a decent result.

Watermelon Siberian Lights, and gardeners' reviews about it, prove that this variety is actually a miracle for the Siberian climate.

Variety Siberian Lights

This variety is rightfully called one of the best cold-resistant crops. He became popular among gardeners and summer residents of harsh Siberia.

Even under such climatic conditions, this plant is capable of ripening in a short Siberian summer. The ripening period is 75-95 days. The culture is resistant to fusarium. Differs in high productivity.

Its appearance is a medium-sized ball, dark green in color with black stripes. The flesh of the watermelon is bright red in color, the crust is thin. The pulp is tender, not dense, sweet in taste. Fruit weight 1 - 2, 5 kg, sometimes grows up to 5 kg.

High resistance to changes in climate temperature, allows you to grow crops in a greenhouse or open field.

The culture is convenient for small gardens and orchards, it takes up little space, the lashes grow up to 2.5 m. It is possible to plant a plant without a seedling method.

Characteristics and features of the variety

Siberian Lights is one of the best varieties of Siberian watermelons. Was bred specifically for cold climates. The variety perfectly tolerates a drop in temperature and drought.

Variety characteristic:

  • Early maturing variety.
  • Average weight 5 kg.
  • The yield is up to 370 centners.
  • The vegetative period is 75-85 days.
  • Can be planted in open or closed ground.
  • It has excellent commercial qualities and is suitable for transportation.

Growing technology

Watermelon has worked well in regions where there is not enough sun and not enough warm days. Therefore, in order for the ripening of the fruits to be 100 percent, it is better to use the seedling planting method.

Seeds for seedlings are planted a month before planting in open ground or a greenhouse.

The land for seedlings is prepared in advance. It is good to plant the plant in places where potatoes, legumes or cabbage grew before it.

The land is prepared in the fall. To create a favorable microclimate for the culture, organic fertilizers are laid in the finished trench from autumn. In the spring, manure is added to the trench, and after three put on, seedlings can be planted in the prepared soil.

If you use the seedling method without, you need to wait until the soil warms up to 15 degrees. Only then are the seeds of the watermelon planted. They are planted to a depth of 8-10 cm.

As a rule, in June the weather is not entirely stable and frosts are still expected, so it will be advisable to cover the soil with a film. After 1-2 weeks, you can feed the culture with an organic fertilizer previously diluted in warm water.

The plant does not need frequent watering. It is recommended to stop watering one month before harvest. At this time, watering is replaced with top dressing. Potash and phosphate fertilizers are great.

Important: do not leave more than three stems during the formation of the plant, the rest of the stepchildren must be removed, otherwise it will negatively affect the harvest.

Reviews of summer residents about the variety of watermelon Siberian lights

Among Siberian summer residents, the Siberian Lights variety has established itself as an unpretentious watermelon with excellent taste and presentation. Reviews of the watermelon Siberian Lights are only positive.

All varieties of Siberian watermelons are good in their own way, but Siberian fires are noted separately by amateur and professional gardeners.

Everyone who planted it at least once on their site was able to appreciate its features and characteristics.

That is why this variety is by far the most popular in the beds of Siberian summer residents. A photo of a watermelon Siberian lights and reviews can be seen on any of the sites of gardeners who share their experience in growing this crop.

The watermelon variety Siberian Lights has proven itself well, and therefore experienced gardeners are happy to plant this particular variety in their plots.

And they believe that everyone who wants to see watermelons on their table can easily grow it even in their summer cottage.

You can get even more information about the variety by watching the video:

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