Pelargonium Pak Viva Rosita - description of the variety and features of care

Pelargonium Pak Viva Rosita - description of the variety and features of care

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Such an amazingly beautiful flower as pelargonium belongs to the geranium family. Most of them are considered perennials, the rest are succulents and shrubs.


  1. About useful properties
  2. Description of the variety
  3. PAC Viva Rosita care
  4. Pruning and replanting

About the beneficial properties of pelargonium

Homemade varieties of pelargonium are interesting for their diverse effects on human organisms. For some, when they are in close proximity to a flower, the general condition of the body deteriorates markedly, while for others, its smell has a relaxing and calming effect.

In addition to decorative properties, pelargonium is also endowed with useful: extracts from it are widely used in the perfume industry, as well as for the creation of various medical preparations.

Pelargonium essential oil is added as a fragrance in soap making and to create perfumes of very famous brands. Also, oil is used for disinfection of indoor air. Its aroma does an excellent job of eliminating various microorganisms and purifies oxygen from impurities harmful to the human body.

Pelargonium Pak Viva Rosita

Pelargonium PAC Viva Rosita surprises and fascinates with its beautiful flowers. They resemble buttercups in shape, but have a terry structure and a rich, bright pink color. The variety is rightfully considered a breakthrough in the breeding of this type of plant and attracts the attention of both amateur flower growers and more experienced flower collectors.

Pelargonium bush PAC Viva Rosita wins the hearts of flower lovers with its very compact appearance and rich dark green foliage. Against such a contrasting background, her large flowers seem even more beautiful.

Geranium pak viva rosita, a species bred in Sweden in 2011. He made a big splash at one show in Europe. It has similarities with other members of the species. Each geranium inflorescence of this species can have more than 20 flowers with a diameter of about 6 cm.

The flowers are not arranged tightly to each other, therefore they are clearly visible. The peduncle is formed quite strong. It develops rather slowly, but the wait for flowering is compensated by a long flowering period, which lasts about 2 weeks.

The formation of the bush occurs independently, without outside interference. The foliage is rich green, tough to the touch. By placing the shrub in a place with enough sunlight, the owner will end up with a plant that is surprisingly abundant in its deciduous mass and countless melliferous plants.

PAC Viva Rosita care

The container for planting PAC Viva Rosita geraniums should be large enough, at least 2 liters. Its root system does not tolerate constraint. In smaller pots, Viva Rosita dries the buds and noticeably slows down the growth process.

This variety, in contrast to the popular belief that pelargoniums love the open sun, does not tolerate constant heat and excessive heating of the soil coma. Ideal for her would be a window sill facing east or southwest. But here, too, it will be necessary to take care of organizing shading from direct rays.

With the arrival of the warm season, it is better to move geraniums (if possible) to the open air. In the shade of deciduous trees on the backyard, it will bloom and develop much better.

With regard to the temperature regime in apartment conditions, in the summer period you need to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 30C, and in winter, in order to ensure abundant flowering, it should be relatively low and not exceed 14C.

Watering Viva Rosita geranium should be moderate. Each subsequent watering is carried out only after three days after the top layer of the earth has dried. These recommendations apply exclusively to the summer period. Winter watering is performed only when the soil begins to dry out slightly.

With high humidity and low room temperatures, the root system of the plant may begin to rot. This can have a very negative effect on the general condition of the geranium, can lead to the onset of various diseases or even to its death.

You should not spray pelargonium regularly throughout the year. She perfectly tolerates dry air. But, in cases of the onset of too hot summer and, accordingly, an excessive increase in room temperature, the foliage will not have to moisturize much.

You need to feed the plant, but only after several months after transplanting, a maximum of two times with an interval of a couple of weeks.

For feeding, you can use exclusively phosphate fertilizers. The introduction of organic compounds into the soil does not make sense, since geranium does not perceive them.

Pruning and replanting

Viva Rosita growing in apartment conditions is pruned every year, leaving untouched shoots with a maximum of 4 nodes. This dates the owners to have a rather lush and beautifully flowering bush on their windowsill. If yellowed or dried leaves are found on the bush, they are carefully cut off. The action is carried out with an exceptionally well-sharpened knife.

To prevent the formation of rot at the cut site, sprinkle it with crushed charcoal. Unwanted leaves are cut in such a way that the base of the petiole is not affected.

It is necessary to transplant Viva Rosita: young plants annually, and adults only when the root system completely fills the planting container.

With each transplant, drainage is placed at the very bottom of the pot, and then filled to the top with the following mixture: peat, turf, sand, humus and leafy soil. All of the listed ingredients must be in equal parts.

Learn all the secrets of growing room geraniums, watch an interesting video:

Watch the video: How to cut back pelargoniumsGeraniums (May 2022).


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