When to prune a hydrangea, in autumn or spring, which determines the timing of pruning

When to prune a hydrangea, in autumn or spring, which determines the timing of pruning

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Hydrangea is famous for its unusually beautiful and lush flowering. When to prune a hydrangea - fall or spring? Why is it so important to meet deadlines?


  1. Description of hydrangea, common varieties
  2. Why prune
  3. When to prune your hydrangea - fall or spring
  4. Features and differences in pruning the main varieties

Description of hydrangea, common varieties

Hydrangea belongs to the dicotyledonous class, the hydrangea family. Translated from Latin, the name means a vessel with water.

Leaves are large, oval, with visible veins. Flowering begins in spring and ends in late autumn. Inflorescences, depending on the variety, can resemble a ball, have the shape of an umbrella or panicle. Flower colors are varied: white, pink, deep purple, red. In autumn, a fruit is formed - a box with small seeds.

The height depends on the variety and can be 1-3 m. The bush of the flower is wide and rounded. Liana varieties can grow up to 30 m in length.

In nature, there are about 80 varieties of plants in the form of bushes, vines or dwarf trees. The most common types of hydrangea are:


A breeding variety bred by the Americans. It is characterized by white or creamy inflorescences in the shape of a ball. The flowering period is somewhat shorter than that of other species - from early summer to September. The length can be up to 3 m.


It grows in Japan and China, reaching 4 m in height. Inflorescences are folded with shields, have various shapes and colors.


Her homeland is the Far East. Also grows on Sakhalin. It is a liana capable of rising to a height of 25-30 m, due to the presence of aerial roots. The flowers are light pink. This hydrangea is often used to decorate gazebos and facades of houses.


It can represent a small tree with a lush crown, its height can reach 10 m, or a shrub. The flowers can be white-pink or white.

Why prune

Hydrangea is considered a garden plant, however, if desired, it can be kept at home. In this case, special attention and care is required. To prevent the hydrangea from losing its decorative appearance and blooming, pruning should be carried out annually. The flower will grow without such a procedure, however, its attractiveness will be lost.

Cropping performs the following tasks:

  • shape preservation and modeling
  • elimination of dried and damaged areas
  • removal of excess shoots for the preservation and development of the main
  • profuse flowering
  • flower rejuvenation

For most varieties, the procedure is carried out in the spring. Pruning hydrangeas in the fall mainly involves removing dry buds. Done under the condition that the plant is sheltered for the winter.

Good quality and timely pruning helps the plant to produce strong, healthy shoots, ensures regular lush flowering. With inappropriate cutting, rotting develops, and the formation of inflorescences stops.

When to prune hydrangeas - fall or spring

When should you still prune your hydrangea? The season for the procedure is chosen taking into account the type of plant and the type of flowering. Most varieties are subject to standard spring pruning. This applies to the following varieties of hydrangea:

  • tree-like
  • oak-leaved
  • paniculate
  • radiant
  • rough
  • serrated
  • ashy

In these plants, buds and flowers are formed on the shoots of the current year. This means that the removal of the ends will not interfere with the formation of inflorescences.

Only large-leaved hydrangea is characterized by flowering on last year's shoots. In this plant, buds form at the ends of the branches. If you prune in early spring, you can not wait for the inflorescences at all.

Features and differences in pruning the main varieties

How to prune your homemade hydrangea? The procedure consists of several steps that are suitable for most varieties. Consider the features of the procedure for different types of hydrangea.

Cutting the tree hydrangea

Such a hydrangea is a typical representative of its kind. This is a shrub that quickly forms shoots, which are shortened for the first time immediately upon planting. Removing branches in the spring will not do any harm to such a plant. There are several stages of pruning:

Sanitary cleaning

At the first stage, the frozen areas and the tips of the shoots formed last year are cut off.


Necessary for plants over 3 years old. The branches are trimmed to the base. Particular attention is paid to those where few new shoots have formed.


At the third stage, small shoots that create excessive density and weak branches are removed.

Pruning for flowering

Cut off last year's growths, leaving several pairs of good buds on each. They subsequently grow strong, flowering shoots.

If the winter has been cold, careful sanitary pruning is sufficient.

Cutting the large-leaved hydrangea

For this type of hydrangea, it is important to preserve the shoots of previous seasons, since it is on them that inflorescences are formed. Cover the plant for the winter to avoid frostbite.

Cleaning usually involves removing the lower branches. The main shoots are harvested in early spring only in case of frost damage.

Pruning for flowering is done carefully, do not cut a lot. The procedure is postponed to the end of summer. So the plant will have time to start up young shoots.

Rejuvenation of large-leaved hydrangea is carried out every 3 years. To do this, remove ј of old shoots up to 30-40 cm.

Hydrangea will decorate any garden or room. Abundant long flowering and bright colors made her a favorite of flower growers. In order for the plant to please for a long time with a neat appearance, you need to regularly prune. Its timing and intensity depend on the variety and state of the flower.

How the large-leaved hydrangea is trimmed, watch the video:

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