Tomato Stesha f1, reviews about the characteristics of the variety, the secrets of high yield

Tomato Stesha f1, reviews about the characteristics of the variety, the secrets of high yield

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Tomatoes are a favorite crop of many vegetable growers with delicious fleshy fruits. It is difficult to imagine at least one summer cottage without tomatoes planted on it in the open field or in greenhouses.

Excellent taste, fairly easy cultivation and a rich harvest - this is why they are appreciated by plant breeders.


  1. Characteristics of the tomato as a crop
  2. Description and characteristics of the Stesha tomato variety
  3. Reviews of vegetable growers about the new variety
  4. Delicious recipe for canned tomatoes in tomato juice

Characteristics of the tomato as a crop

Tomatoes are annual herbaceous plants that belong to the Solanaceae family. The name of the culture was given by the ancient Aztecs, and South America is considered its homeland. They were brought to European countries by ship and for a long time were considered poisonous, and only in the 17th century the fruits were tasted and various dishes were prepared from them.

Tomatoes have been cultivated in Russia since the 18th century. They were brought to our country at the direction of Catherine II. Overseas vegetables were not to the taste of the empress and for a long time begged for as decorative crops.

Botanists consider tomatoes to be berries, which everyone used to call tomatoes, and culinary experts - vegetables. They have a variety of shapes, colors and differences in taste. Now it is one of the most popular vegetables, it has a huge number of varieties and varieties.

Description and characteristics of the Stesha tomato variety

The hybrid is an indeterminate medium early plant. From germination of seeds to harvest, 103-107 days pass. The height of the bush reaches 210 cm, the bush itself is tall, spreading.

The first flower clusters are formed after the appearance of 8-9 leaves, in a cluster on average 6 fruits. Tomatoes are smooth, rounded, slightly elongated, i.e. plum-like, with dense fleshy pulp and an average weight of 125-130 gr.

The bush is stepson and formed into 1 or 2 stems. The yield from one such bush is 20-23 kg, provided that 1 plant is planted per 1 sq. M.

The advantages of the variety are:

  • Good taste.
  • High rates of fruit set.
  • Early maturity, allowing early harvesting.
  • Suitable for open and closed ground.
  • It is resistant to disease.

Agricultural technology is not much different from similar varieties and boils down to the following actions:

  • Choosing the right landing site. This variety is picky about lighting and the quality of the soil, so the choice should be stopped in a well-lit place and fertile light soil.
  • The plant is tied to a support, since the bush is tall and can break.
  • A mandatory procedure is pinching.
  • Frequent, but not over-watering.
  • Loosening and weeding from weeds.
  • Timely application of fertilizers, at least 2-3 times during the growing season.

For planting in a permanent place, choose strong, healthy seedlings, which are carefully examined when buying, or you can grow it yourself.

Germination of seeds is as follows:

  • containers with good soil mixture are prepared for future seedlings;
  • seed material is sown evenly over the surface of the soil, slightly pressed and sprinkled with a thin layer of earth;
  • crops are watered abundantly, covered with glass or plastic wrap and placed in a bright, warm place;
  • open containers daily, remove condensate;
  • after the appearance of the first sprouts, the shelter is removed, and the containers are placed in the most illuminated place in the apartment or in the country;
  • picking is carried out in the phase of 1-2 true full-fledged leaves;
  • seedlings are planted in open ground 60-70 days after germination, trying to wait for warming and the absence of the threat of frost;
  • when planting, the distance between the bushes is observed, no more than 4 plants are planted per 1 sq. m.

Reviews of vegetable growers about the new variety

After examining the reviews and opinions of vegetable growers about the Stesha f1 tomato, you can see that they are only positive.

The growers loved the taste:

  • juicy, dense pulp,
  • rich fruit color,
  • their unusual shape,
  • a large number of ovaries on the bush,
  • the fact that the plant grows strong, powerful and looks beautiful in greenhouses.

For many, Stesha f1 has become a favorite, and every season he always appears on the sites. But summer residents advise: pay attention to the acquisition of seeds not only to the name, but also to the company.

Rarely, but there is a complete opposite of the declared characteristics on the packaging to what grows in the end, so trust trusted manufacturers. Before buying, be sure to study the reviews about the Stesha f1 tomato in advance and look at the photos on the Internet.

Delicious recipe for canned tomatoes in tomato juice

Stesha tomato is good fresh, and in order to be able to enjoy it in winter, you can use the original preservation recipe.

You will need, per liter jar:

  • There are as many tomatoes as will fit in the jar;
  • Tomato juice - 1/2 liter;
  • Garlic - 3 cloves;
  • Salt - 1 tsp;
  • Sugar - 1 tsp;
  • Vinegar 9% - 1 tsp;
  • Bay leaf - 1 piece;
  • Pepper (peas) - 5 pcs;
  • Allspice - 3 pcs.

Put spices (pepper, lavrushka), garlic and washed tomatoes in prepared sterilized jars.

Fill with boiling water, cover with lids and leave for a while.

We boil the juice. Ready juice - before the first bubbles appear, if it has only been squeezed out, boil for 5 minutes and remove the resulting foam.

Add salt, sugar, acetic acid to the juice and boil again.

Pour the water out of the cans.

Pour the tomatoes with boiling juice, roll them up and turn them upside down until they cool down.

We put the banks in a warm place, you can wrap them up.

Tomatoes according to this recipe are aromatic, dense enough, juicy, and the juice is piquant and spicy.

Stesha f1 is a new, but already proven and beloved variety. It has everything a real vegetable grower needs: early maturity, high yield, excellent taste, presentable appearance and unpretentious cultivation.

Description of the tomato variety Stesha f1, recommendations for the care and obtaining of seedlings, reviews of plant breeders and a delicious recipe for conservation - the information you have already received.

Most likely, you will want to grow a tomato in your area. You can get even more useful information about growing tomatoes by watching the video:

Watch the video: Tomato seed starting 2021 (May 2022).


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