Rose Paul Gauguin: variety description, planting and flower care

Every gardener and rose lover has a variety that he considers perfect and has already planted or dreams of planting in his garden. Rose "Paul Gauguin" is one of those varieties that become the pearl of any garden and the dream of a florist.


  • Rose "Paul Gauguin", variety description
  • How to plant a rose "Paul Gauguin"
  • Planting rules and further care

Rose "Paul Gauguin", variety description

The history of the variety is connected with the famous French company for the production of roses Delbard and its head Henri Delbar. Having visited an exhibition of paintings by impressionist artists, he was so impressed by the colors of their canvases that he conceived a whole series of roses. Rose "Paul Gauguin" - one of the roses of the series "Great Artists"

All varieties of the series were variegated and named after the great masters of the genre. The series includes 10 varieties, eight of them are named after the French impressionists and post-impressionists. The two remaining varieties are named after events related to the history of roses.

Rose "Paul Gauguin" refers to floribunda roses. The height of mature bushes is up to 0.9 m, their width is 0.6 m. The buds are pompom-shaped. Flower diameter 8-9 cm. Flowers are double. Each consists of 25 petals. Flowers have a faint, pleasant and unobtrusive smell.

The color is variegated. Coral and yellow streaks are scattered across the pink background. This brings a dynamic touch to the look of the flower. As it blooms and fades, the colors blur, shade and resemble straw yellow watercolors. According to the idea of ​​the originators of the variety, it is precisely this color scheme that is inherent in Paul Gauguin's writing style.

Flowering is not only abundant, but also very long. The first buds open in late May - early June, and the last ones - before the onset of frost. The plant is winter hardy. The variety has a high tolerance to common rose diseases. Roses "Paul Gauguin" tolerate a lack of moisture well. Despite the rather young age, and for the first time the variety was presented in 2006, it found its fans.

How to plant a rose "Paul Gauguin"

Planting a rose bush begins with choosing a location. For this variety, a site with good lighting is suitable, but with the possibility of planting it in a small shade in the middle of daylight hours. This will help to slow down fading and blooming, and will keep the variegated color longer. The site must be protected from drafts, but have good ventilation.

Roses grow well in lighter and fertile soils. Loamy and sandy loam lands with good air and water permeability are suitable for them. If the soil is clay, then add a bucket of sand per sq. meter, and if it is sandy, then clay is added. The site is dug to the depth of the shovel. Rotted manure or compost is introduced for digging.

They are added to poor soils at 10 kg per square meter. m, and in more fertile 4-5 kg ​​will be enough.

Boarding time

In regions with a temperate climate, it is preferable to plant roses in the spring, from the last decade of April to the end of May. Autumn planting is more suitable for the south and can start from the second half of September and continue until mid-October.

A rose seedling should have 2-3 well-developed shoots, with a whole bark. The roots should also be well developed and have many fine roots forming a lobe. Before planting, all damaged roots are cut off, and if they are dry, they are dipped for a while in erin's solution.

Planting pit preparation

The size of the hole depends on the size of the roots, but in any case, it should not be less than 0.5 - 0.6 meters deep and about the same width. You need to dig up and fill it in the following order:

  • fold the top soil to one side
  • fold the bottom ground separately
  • lay drainage material on the bottom
  • mix part of the top ground in a 1 to 1 ratio with humus or compost
  • add 200 g of ash to the mixture
  • close the drainage layer with a small amount of plain soil
  • pour out half of the seasoned earth
  • try on a seedling, its root collar should be slightly above the level of the pit
  • if necessary, fill up the filled soil or remove part of it
  • pour 6-7 liters of water into the pit

Planting rules and further care

Lower the seedling into the pit after adding water. Cover the roots with the remaining mixture. Add the top ground on top, if the hole is not filled, then fill it up with soil. Pour a bucket of water over the plant. If the soil has settled, then you can mulch the planting site with compost or humus. The planted rose must be pruned. All weak shoots are removed, 2 - 3 of the strongest and most mature shoots should remain on the seedling.

They are cut to three to four buds. In the first year after planting, care is reduced to removing weeds, loosening the soil and watering. In the first winter, the bush can be covered with a dry method. Rose "Paul Gauguin" is ideal for both large and small gardens. It is good in group and single plantings, it can be used to decorate paths.

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