How to plant onions on the head?

Depending on the purpose of using the bow, on the head or on the feather, planting is done in different ways. The head of an onion can reach 500 g, this onion is considered large, onions up to 100 g are medium, up to 50 g are small.
How to plant onions on the head? There are several options.

Growing with seeds for 1 year.
The seeds are planted in spring. You can plant dry, wetted, or germinated seeds. Dry ones germinate in two weeks, wet ones - in one week, and germinated ones - in three days. In a month, the first breakout can be made, and in another month, the second breakout. When breaking through, the strongest plants are left, the distance between which should be about 7 cm. Loosening and weeding should be carried out periodically.

Growing onions with a seedling.
For the first summer, a small onion grows - a seedling. In the spring of next year, it can be planted in the soil. The soil should be warm. The dry tips of the seedling are cut off. During the growth period, the feathers of the onion should not be torn off. The seedling is recommended to be planted near the carrot. Depending on the size of the seedling, the size of the grown onion also fluctuates. It is better to choose a seedling up to 3 g. Periodically weeding and loosening should be carried out. Onions ripen in early August.

Growing onions from seedlings.
Seedlings are grown in warm conditions for about 2 months. The temperature should be 18 degrees. Seedlings are not broken through, but only loosened. In early or mid-April, it can be transplanted into soil. By the end of summer, onions are ripe.

Since planting onions is not difficult at all, I hope you will have a great harvest this summer.

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