Raspberry Zyugan: reviews about the variety and features of care

Raspberry Zyugan: reviews about the variety and features of care

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Raspberry "Zyugana" is a representative of remontant varieties, which were recently bred by breeders in Switzerland. For the first time the variety saw the world in 1999, and the reason for its breeding is to achieve the highest possible yield result. What nuances you still need to know about caring for Zyugan raspberries, and what characteristics of the variety will surprise you, we will figure it out in the article.


  • General characteristics of the variety
  • Raspberry benefits
  • Basic landing rules
  • How to care for Zyugan raspberries

General characteristics of the variety

Raspberry varieties "Zyugana" have erect shoots, and powerful bushes that grow actively. Large berries of deep red color have an unsurpassed taste, perfect for freezing for the winter. The plant grows best in the open field, so it bears fruit best.

You can start picking berries from mid-July until the first frost.

As for the berries, they are not only very tasty, but also last long enough. The harvested berries are stored for 3 days at room temperature, and for about a week in the refrigerator. With proper planting and care, the yield of extra-class berries can reach 9%, while the whole of one fruit is about 7 grams.

Raspberry benefits

Like every berry, Zyugan's raspberry has its positive and negative sides. The advantages include, first of all, the plant's resistance to temperature changes. Thus, the cold nights that occur in summer are not at all scary for this variety. The bush will not shed its fruits, and will not begin to fade.

In one season, two crops are formed on the bush at once - on last year's shoots, and new ones that appeared only this year. Therefore, the type of raspberry belongs to the remontant varieties. Raspberry "Zyugan" is distinguished by a powerful and developed root system, which allows the formation of strong and resistant shoots.

It is thanks to them that this type of plant is often cultivated without the use of special supports or trellises. High yield and large berries, which are suitable for home use, and for canning or freezing for the winter, and for sale. Knowing how many positive aspects a plant has, the choice in its favor is simply obvious.

Basic landing rules

When planting raspberries, it is recommended to use these simple tips and rules. For normal growth and ripening of berries, you need a sufficient amount of sunlight, and no draft. It is best to choose an area that is rarely windy and has enough sun throughout the day.

Raspberry "Zyugan" grows well and bears fruit on almost any soil, but it is better to give preference to loose and fertile places, without a high groundwater table. It is recommended to fertilize the soil with lime before planting raspberries.

It will soften the acidic soil, which is not very poisonous to the berry. In order to accelerate the growth and development of raspberries, it is recommended to fill in nutrients simply in trenches or pits for planting. Thoroughly moisten the soil in places for planting berries, you can also add the necessary fertilizers to it.

The basic scheme of planting remontant raspberries looks like 3x0.5m. It is best to plant the plant either in late autumn or early spring, before the plant begins to grow. Immediately after planting, it is better to mulch the entire area where the berry is now growing. This way you will achieve the best result. Use peat or humus for these purposes in a layer of 6-8 cm.

How to care for Zyugan raspberries

Caring for raspberries will not give you much difficulty or hassle. The plant is unpretentious and requires minimal human intervention. The plant loves moisture very much, feed the high root system with regular and abundant watering, especially in dry weather and no rainfall.

In order for raspberries to bear fruit well, you need to feed them twice a year. To do this, use urea, which is applied under each bush immediately after the snow melts, and also fertilize the plants with minerals at the beginning of autumn.

Weed the soil around the bushes periodically to get rid of weeds and bring additional oxygen to the soil. It is recommended to do loosening after each watering or rain, so that a crust does not form on the ground. An important event is the pruning of Zyugan raspberries. This should be done in late summer or early September, after the procedure, tie up the plant.

Raspberry "Zyugana" is not at all demanding in planting and care, and subject to the simple rules of its maintenance, it will repay you with large tasty fruits that can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator.

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