Perennial stunted flowers: planting and care rules, the best representatives

Perennial stunted flowers: planting and care rules, the best representatives

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From late spring to mid-autumn, I want the suburban area to attract with its appearance. What are the varieties of perennial low-growing flowers?


  • Most popular varieties
  • Alyssum Marine
  • Phlox
  • Perennial chrysanthemum

Most popular varieties

There are several of the most common low-growing perennials. Each of them can decorate your flower garden in a special way and add color to any flower bed.

Astrantia. If the owners decide to decorate the suburban area with low-growing flowers, then they must definitely plant this plant. Astration comes in a variety of colors that blend harmoniously with green foliage.

If you plant several species of this plant, all neighbors will not be able to pass by the resulting landscape. This flower grows up to 0.4 m in height, and it blooms all summer. For flowering to please the owners, they need to remove the buds that have already faded. In addition, once every 7 years, you need to move the plant to a new place.

Oak sage. This plant begins to bloom as early as May and ends at the end of summer. There are a number of species that differ in color. But they all create a romantic atmosphere. In addition, the flowers emit a dizzying aroma. Such a plant can grow up to 35-70 cm.

Shrub cinquefoil. This plant will delight with its delicate flowers of snow-white color until mid-autumn. It is recommended to plant it in well-drained soil. But you should be ready for careful care, as this is a demanding plant. It needs good lighting and watering.

Armeria seaside. It is also a demanding flower. It decorates the suburban area with fiery, snow-white or pink flowering. The plant grows no higher than 20 cm. Herbal carnation. The inflorescences of this plant are pinkish or red. These colors go well with green leaves. It needs fertile soil. It is recommended to plant the carnation in a sunny position. It can grow up to 30cm in height.

White anemone. It is also called the anemone. She doesn't need strong care. It blooms with beautiful flowers that have 5 petals. It is often used as a decoration for a summer residence.

Lamb. This plant has velvety foliage. It looks very cute. It blooms with purple or pink inflorescences. Such flowers can decorate any suburban area. They need good watering and drainage. The plant can grow up to 35 cm. Flowering begins in spring and ends in autumn.

Large-flowered flax. Often this plant is used for group planting. It pleases with its light pink, dark red or apricot flowers. They are quite small. It is recommended to plant flax near curbs.

Alyssum Marine

This plant deserves special attention. Alyssum is also called a stove or lobularia. It is a dwarf plant that can grow up to 20 cm in height. Its stems creep along the ground. It blooms profusely.

Flowering begins at the beginning of summer, and ends until the first frosts appear. The flowers are white, yellowish or lilac. If the winter is not very cold, then the plant will begin to grow in spring.

Most importantly, Alyssum requires little maintenance. Even a beginner can handle it. But if you follow all the rules, the summer cottage will be decorated with luxurious flowers. To do this, it is necessary to systematically water the plant, loosen the soil, remove weeds, and apply fertilizers. There should be no weeds in the area that is next to the flowers. Experienced gardeners advise regularly watering the bushes, especially if the weather is too dry.

If the plant does not have enough moisture, this will lead to the fact that the inflorescences and buds will crumble, and you will not be able to admire the flowering of Alyssum. But it is worth remembering an important rule that abundant watering should be when the plant is planted on permeable soil.

Otherwise, moisture stagnation will occur, and this will lead to the fact that the plant will get very wet, and later it will die. To protect the flower from this, it is initially recommended to check the moisture content of the soil. To do this, before watering it is dug in by 4 cm. If it is dry, then you can not be afraid and start watering. In addition to watering, it is worthwhile to remove weeds and loosen the soil in a timely manner. Systematic loosening is a very important procedure, as it allows the plant to develop normally.

It also improves flowering. This is due to the fact that in this way the soil permeability of air increases. In order for the plant to develop normally and please with abundant flowering, it is recommended not to forget about feeding. It is worth remembering that during the period of foliage growth, it is necessary to add nitrogen fertilizers to the soil.


Phlox can be another decoration of the garden. It is a popular plant that blooms for 5 months. There is more than one type of phlox. The most common are considered to be the following types:

  • Subulate
  • Stoloniferous
  • Paniculate

It is not difficult to take care of this plant. To do this, you should regularly loosen the soil, remove weeds. It is also worth adding humus every year. Phloxes can begin to develop better, become even more beautiful from spring feeding with urea. In the summer, it is worth adding nitrophosphate, and when flowering ends, then it is worth adding ash to the ground. Organic feeding is not prohibited.

When the weather is dry, you must not forget about watering. Otherwise, the flowers will dry out. Initially, the foliage below will begin to turn yellow. In addition, experts advise to water in the heat in the evening.

Perennial chrysanthemum

There is also an amazing undersized plant that pleases with flowering every year. It is a perennial chrysanthemum. Flowering begins in mid-July. The plant will delight with its lush flowers even before frost. Therefore, many people call chrysanthemum the autumn queen. If you want to see flowering earlier, you should choose planting sites that are well lit by the sun.

In order for the chrysanthemum to please the owners, they need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The plant loves temperatures that are 15 degrees. To reduce the effects of heat, to increase the humidity of the air, it is worth watering the chrysanthemum well.
  2. Plentiful watering is recommended. It is better to use settled water for this.

The earth should not dry out, otherwise the chrysanthemum will shed foliage and buds. When it's cold outside, then watering is significantly reduced. When the plant is actively blooming, it is also worth spraying it. It is recommended to do this in the morning and evening.

Chrysanthemum prefers diffused lighting. It doesn't have to be bright. Therefore, it is better to plant it where the sun shines sutra or in the evening. At noon, it is better to hide the plant from the sun's rays. This perennial needs to be fed with complex fertilizers. It is recommended to do this on a weekly basis.

To form a beautiful shape, you should not forget about pruning. This is done for the first time when the plant has been planted. For this, the growth point is removed. When a couple of weeks have passed, it's worth doing a second pruning. If you want to get a compact plant, then you need to cut the side stems.

For the buds to be large, you only need to leave a few pieces on the bush. So, there are many stunted perennial plants that bloom. Each owner will find a suitable flower. The main thing is to take into account all their features and take into account the rules of care so that abundant flowering is present.

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