Fast-growing shrubs make perfect hedges

Fast-growing shrubs make perfect hedges

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It's no secret that now a fast-growing hedge can easily perform not only a protective function for the site, but also protect you from wind, dust, and also decorate it with its own views. We hope that our article will be useful to you!


  • Benefits, features of fast-growing shrubs
  • Growing features: soil selection, planting, watering, fertilization
  • Fast growing shrub options

Benefits, features of fast-growing shrubs

Fast-growing shrubs have a number of characteristics. It does not matter which type of shrub you give preference to - coniferous, deciduous, it is important to choose a quality variety. Many fast-growing shrubs are distinguished by their height, this is their distinctive characteristic.

Regular shrubs are able to grow larger than a standard plant, but fast growing ones cannot. Fast-growing shrubs are characterized by density and frequency of growth. In addition, shrubs of this kind are great if you need to create a hedge in the near future. Their nice feature is that you don't need to have professional knowledge of landscape design to create a corner of a hedge.

Growing features: soil selection, planting, watering, fertilization

Each shrub has its own characteristics in planting or care. However, most of the fast growing shrubs are not whimsical. Most of the shrubs are planted in the spring, when the heat comes. For planting, seedlings are used. They are not picky about the ground, but you should not plant them on clayey areas. Before planting, a hole is dug, up to eighty centimeters deep, depending on the root of the seedling.

Watering is carried out at the bottom before planting and after the water is absorbed, the seedling sits down. From above, the soil in the hole can also be slightly watered, but you should not be zealous, since there is no huge heat in the spring and the plant does not need a bay. The soil that was removed from the hole can be mixed with organic or mineral fertilizers, and then cover the root of the seedling.

Fertilizing is not necessary because the shrubs are well accepted. But if you add nutrients to the ground, it will not harm the plant in any way, but only help. Watering should be carried out in moderation, because with abundant watering, the roots can rot. Only in summer, during severe drought, it is sometimes possible to flood the plant.

As mentioned, fertilizing is optional, but fertilizing as the plant grows will help the plant grow faster. It is worth planting seedlings at a distance of three to five meters, so they grow strongly in the future. The pruning of each type of fast-growing shrub is individual, according to the requirements of the species.

Fast growing shrub options

Dogwood is an unpretentious shade-loving type of shrub. It is characterized by beautiful leaves and interesting fruits that can be used for making jam or simply consumed fresh. Berries can also be used in traditional medicine, as they contain a large storehouse of vitamins.

The bush reaches a height of two to five meters. Flowering dogwood teaches in March - April and lasts about two weeks, after flowering leaves bloom. It bears abundant fruit in open soil, but it can grow just as well in other areas. In the spring or summer, a bush is planted.

You can plant dogwood in the fall, but at least three weeks before frost. In the case of autumn planting, the leaves are removed from the dogwood. Bushes up to 2 years old are suitable for planting shrubs. For the winter, it is better to cover the bush with foliage.

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Barberry is an unpretentious shrub that can grow on any soil. Can withstand slight drought, but does not like stagnant water. This thorny shrub forms a good hedge for the site. For the hedge, you can use both tall and low-growing varieties of barberry. In addition to all this, the barberry perfectly performs a decorative function. The most beautiful barberry is during the flowering period and at the time of fruit ripening. Barberry fruits can be eaten raw and for cooking and preservation.

Blackthorn is an undemanding shrub to care for. The bush grows up to three meters in height. It does not need careful pruning. The thorn hedge grows thick. The thorn fruits are suitable for consumption, they are plucked after the onset of frost. During planting, the bushes are cut to 15 centimeters in height. This promotes the rapid growth of the shrub. To make the fence impassable, pruning is repeated the next year. Further, when trimming, the required height is simply maintained.

Elderberry is a fast growing shrub. Distinguish between black and red elderberry. A beautiful shrub that pleases in all seasons. In the spring with its flowering, in the summer - with a beautiful and lush crown, in the fall - with black or red fruits, depending on the species, in winter - this is a crown in the form of a ball, if you formed it in time.

In the year when the shrub is planted during pruning, only two shoots are left on the seedling, and only later they form a crown.

Elderberry grows rather quickly, in three years it can grow outgrowths about two meters high. Elderberry is a good option if you need to create a hedge in the shortest possible time. At the initial stages of growth, the seedling needs fertilization, and in the future it itself begins to enrich the soil with nitrogen.

Garden jasmine is also an unpretentious plant that will delight you with its wonderful flowering and aroma. The shrub is capable of growing in partial shade, but in this case the flowers grow slightly smaller. Jasmine takes root quickly after planting. Sit down with cuttings. Does not require abundant watering, only in the case of a very dry summer.

After planting, the shrubs quickly take root. Jasmine is able to form a hedge. It is worth planting it at a distance of at least a meter. Because of its fast, jasmine needs timely pruning. Pruning is done after flowering. The plant is pruned every year. In the case of freezing of the branches after winter, they are pruned, but more than three cannot be. Terry jasmine is less stable in winter and therefore requires shelter for the winter.

Based on all of the above, the main thing can be distinguished. Fast growing shrubs are great for creating a hedge that can be formed in a couple of years. In addition, most of the plants produce fruits that are suitable for consumption. And also the advantage of fast-growing shrubs is that they are not demanding to care for. Thank you for your attention and wish you success in planting fast growing shrubs!

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