Beautification of a summer cottage with your own hands: tips and tricks

Beautification of a summer cottage with your own hands: tips and tricks

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After buying a summer cottage, the owners face the main task - to improve the territory. This is an important stage in the design, on which the aesthetic appearance and comfortable stay on the territory of the house will depend.


  • Improvement: features of the
  • DIY lawns: stages of work
  • Arbor device: step by step instructions

Improvement: features of the

Improvement of the territory of the suburban area involves the implementation of a set of measures that are aimed at improving its ecological and sanitary condition.

Basic recommendations for the improvement of a suburban area:

  1. The area around the dacha can be landscaped in different ways. There are various ideas for decorating a garden, local area. However, this should be done, taking into account the structure of the house, in order to maintain integrity and harmony.
  2. When decorating a summer cottage, various decorative elements are used: benches, arches, gazebos, high vases, etc.
  3. The use of stone for landscaping provides great decorative possibilities. With their help, you can make various structures, fences, lay out a path or curb. The stone looks very original when creating landscape compositions.
  4. It is important to avoid an overabundance of various plantings, furniture and other items, as you will feel chaos on the site.
  5. If the trip to the country house is carried out only on weekends, then it is not recommended to plant plants that need constant care.
  6. It is advisable to separate the recreation area from the flower one with any fence, wall.
  7. If the dacha is used for permanent residence, then you can plant lawn grass or shrubs.

It is important to plan the territory in advance: to determine the location of the gazebo, lawns, paths, landscape composition, etc. You need to start landscaping with cleaning the territory. All dry leaves are removed from the site, stumps are uprooted, trees are cut down, branches are removed, stones and debris are removed. Next, you need to level the area.

Do-it-yourself flowerbeds and lawns: stages of work

The lawn is increasingly being used as an element of landscaping. It can occupy the entire area of ​​the house or be part of a separate composition, for example, a green island under a tree. The turf can be grown naturally or artificially created. After cleaning the area, you can start gardening the lawn. To begin with, you need to dig up the ground to a depth of about 20 cm. The surface should be leveled, since it will be very difficult to care for the lawn.

At the next stage, the soil is fertilized. It is recommended to use a universal fertilizer. Before planting seeds, loosen the top layer. Planting should be done on a calm day, as the wind can blow off the seeds. Cover the sown seeds with earth. It will take about 40 g per square meter. At the final stage, water the seeds using a sprayer. It is undesirable to perform this procedure from a hose and a bucket.

With the help of flower beds and flower beds, you can create a bright and original design. The difference between flower beds and flower beds in the form: the first option is performed in a strict form, and the second in a free one. To create a flower bed, you need to decide on a place. In advance, you need to draw a sketch of the flower bed and divide it into sectors. Next, paint each sector with a certain color and sign which plants will be located in each sector.

It is important that the flowerbed does not merge with the surrounding environment, therefore it should be located on a hill. A simple version of the flower bed is made of old tires. For work, in addition to tires, you will need a sharp knife, paints, metal mesh, stones and other decorative elements. The easiest way to make a flower bed is using a tire. The rubber must be cleaned, washed and dried. Next, draw a line of future petals and cut along the contour.

Then you can start painting. For this purpose, nitro paint or oil paint is used. It is advisable to choose light colors so that the plants in the flower beds do not overheat. If you wish, you can decorate the tire with stones. It will look original and beautiful.

Arbor device: step by step instructions

Gazebos are very often erected when landscaping a summer cottage. In hot weather, it will protect from the sun's rays, and in cloudy and rainy weather it will become a place of shelter from the rain. You can build a gazebo made of wood with your own hands. The following tools and materials are required for construction:

  • Bars
  • Planks
  • Reiki
  • Soft tiles
  • Concrete mortar
  • Wood screws
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Roulette
  • Pegs
  • Twine

Video on how to build a gazebo with your own hands:

After purchasing the necessary materials, you can start building the gazebo. Immediately before work, it is necessary to prepare the territory: clear of debris, remove weeds, remove the top layer of soil. An ordinary gazebo has a standard size of 2x3 meters.

The main stages of the gazebo device

Laying the foundation. Mark the corners around the perimeter according to the drawing and dig holes for the pillars. They are buried in the ground by 45-50 cm. Then rubble is poured into the pits and tamped well. Fix the beams in the pits with the help of rails in a horizontal position. The next layer is gravel. After that, pour concrete mortar and form a small hill around the perimeter so that the slope is in the direction of the pillar.

You should wait a few days for the concrete to harden, only then proceed to the next stage. Arrangement of floor, walls and roof. All wooden elements must be impregnated with a special antiseptic solution. The pillars are strapped with a bar. To obtain an even strapping, a longitudinal groove is cut along the side of the beam. The recess must be rectangular.

The floor can be raised slightly off the ground or flush with the ground. In the first case, stretch a beam of 100x100 mm between the support pillars. For an additional screed, you will need a beam of 100x50 mm in size. An edged board is installed on the base, and then steps are made. In the second case, paving stone is used for the base. The roof can be made gable or hipped. The first type is made of four rafters, interconnected by a horizontal crossbar.

For a hipped one, one rafter is laid from each corner, and then four rafters from the center on each side. The roof can be tiled from above. You should also provide a drain for water drainage.

Interior decoration. One wall should be made deaf, which will not allow you to hide from an increased gust of wind. Finishing is carried out using drywall, lining or plaster. Work should only be carried out in dry weather. If electricity is planned, then this must be taken care of before finishing work. In this case, it is important to observe safety precautions. You can place the gazebo next to an artificial or natural reservoir, the more so the water landscape has a calming effect.

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