Grapes Krasokhina S.I., description of table and technical varieties

Grapes Krasokhina S.I., description of table and technical varieties

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Grapes are a unique creation of nature. Ivan Aleksandrovich Kostrykin can be deservedly attributed to the famous winegrowers who have made a huge contribution not only to breeding work, but also to the popularization of viticulture.

Many new varieties are associated with his name. After the death of his father, his daughter, Svetlana Ivanovna Krasokhina, continued the work of his life. Grapes Krasokhina S.I. known far beyond the breeding laboratory in Novocherkassk, where Svetlana Ivanovna has been fruitfully engaged in breeding for many years.


  • List of varieties and hybrid forms of grapes Krasokhina S.I.
  • Table grape varieties Krasokhina S.I.
  • Description of the technical grape variety Platovsky, breeding Krasokhina S.I.

List of varieties and hybrid forms of grapes Krasokhina S.I.

For many new stable hybrids of Krasokhina grapes, the superearly variety Vostorg became the parent form. The father of Svetlana Ivanovna took part in the creation of Rapture. Since the indicated variety belongs to the early ones, Svetla Ivanovna also continued to work, first of all, on the early varieties.

In addition to early varieties, among the hybrid forms of Krasokhina's selection there are grapes of middle and late ripening. In addition, the grapes differ in their purpose. There are both technical and table varieties.

Early varieties include:

  • Baklanovsky
  • Gadbena know or Zolotinka
  • Platovsky or Early Dawn

In addition to such properties as ripening time and a friendly return of the crop, the breeder
worked on:

  • disease resistance
  • frost resistance
  • unpretentiousness
  • the size of brushes and berries
  • taste
  • presentation
  • keeping quality

In addition to early varieties, among the Krasokhina grapes there is also an average ripening period.
Among them, it is customary to single out the Talisman and Alex. Among the later ones is the Don Muscat. In her work, Svetlana Ivanovna focuses on different climatic and weather conditions. According to reviews, its grapes grow well in the Moscow region and in other regions where winters are quite cold, and the number of sunny summer days is not very large. Let's try to understand the main advantages of some varieties.

Table grape varieties Krasokhina S.I.

Variety Talisman or Kesha nutmeg

A table variety, during its breeding, the varieties Vostorg, Frumoasa alba were used. Berries ripen in 127 - 135 days, much depends on weather conditions. Clusters are medium friable, average weight 900 - 1000 g, but can form clusters weighing up to 2.0 kg. The berries are large, with an average weight of 16.0 g, in good conditions and subject to agricultural techniques, they can be up to 20.0 g.

The color is white with a yellow tinge. The skin is of medium density. The amount of sugar in the berries is high, reaching 23 g. Acids are not more than 8 g / l. The talisman can withstand frost up to -25, it almost does not suffer from gray rot and mildew. The bushes are strong and vigorous. The talisman is almost not suitable for growing on one or two trellises, as it easily and quickly outgrows them.

To get a good harvest, the Talisman variety requires:

  • arched supports
  • yield rationing
  • additional pollinator
  • complete cutting of weak shoots

Varieties - pollinators for the Talisman can be:

  • Radiant kishmish
  • Arcadia
  • Glory

Despite some peculiarities of cultivation, amateur gardeners choose the Talisman because of its harmonious taste, beautiful and large bunches, keeping quality.

Variety Oval or Baklanovsky Delight

Upon receipt of the Vostorg oval variety, the original and Vostok became parental forms for it. Early variety. You can start harvesting Baklanovsky grapes as early as 115 - 120 days. Bunches weighing up to 850.0 g. The berries are large, white, oval in shape. Sugar in ripe berries is up to 23%, there is little acid, no more than 5 - 6 g / l.

Video about the Baklanovsky grape variety:

The variety has a good resistance to fungal infections of grapes. Transfer frosts up to - 25 degrees. Grape lovers choose Baklanavsky because of:

  • beautiful and tasty berries
  • very early maturation
  • long-term presence of ripe berries on the bush without shedding, loss of taste and appearance
  • wasp resistance
  • thin skin

The listed varieties are used for direct consumption or for home canning. There are special grape varieties for technical processing.

Description of the technical grape variety Platovsky, breeding Krasokhina S.I.

The Platovsky variety has a second name Zorka yasnaya. This is most likely due to the very early ripening and appearance of the white berries. They glow pink in the light, reminiscent of the morning dawn. Platovsky is based on the varieties Zalandede and Podarok Magarach. You can harvest this technical variety as early as 110 days. The brushes are dense, the shape of the brushes is conical, the average weight is 200.0 g.

Berries for the technical variety are large enough, weighing up to 3 - 4 g. Sugar in berries up to 21%, acids up to 9 g / l. It should be noted excellent frost resistance, the variety tolerates negative temperatures up to - 29. Resistant to most common grape diseases.

According to amateur winegrowers, the variety tolerates winters in the middle lane right on the trellis, while retaining the ability to produce crops. Great for making homemade wines, juices and even fresh consumption.

Wine made from Platovsky grapes has a harmonious dessert taste. For wine, you can take it either in combination with several other technical varieties, or separately.

In addition, Platovsky can be used along the way for vertical gardening of gazebos and verandas. It should be said that all grape varieties and table grapes, and technical selections of the hereditary winegrower, doctor of sciences, Svetlana Ivanovna Krasokhina are an excellent choice for lovers of these berries.

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