How to properly prepare the greenhouse for the new season

How to properly prepare the greenhouse for the new season

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At the beginning of autumn, at the dacha, the owners have a lot of work, since they need to harvest the crop, and then prepare it for winter storage. For this, the soil is processed, the structure is strengthened, pests are destroyed in order to collect high-quality vegetables next year. What rules should you follow?


  • Why do you need to prepare? Can you do without it?
  • When to carry out the preparation procedure?
  • What is needed to prepare the greenhouse?
  • How to prepare a greenhouse?

Why do you need to prepare? Can you do without it?

Today it has become popular to grow vegetables in greenhouse conditions. Many owners install greenhouses in their plots. Surely, everyone wants to get a high-quality and rich harvest. In order for vegetables, fruits, greens to please summer residents annually, attention must be paid to caring for the area where they grow.

This rule applies to both outdoor cultivation and the greenhouse method. Therefore, experienced gardeners systematically prepare their greenhouse for the next season. This is an important season. If a person does not carry out high-quality harvesting, does not destroy pests that will continue to develop over the winter, then you can not expect a good harvest. If you start the situation, then you may not collect the fruits at all.

When to carry out the preparation procedure?

To fully prepare the greenhouse for the new season, you need to do this procedure back in November. For this, all the remnants of past plants are removed, they are eliminated from the greenhouse and destroyed. The soil also needs to be prepared. It must be cleaned of roots and pests. Ultimately, it is dug up and fertilized.

What is needed to prepare the greenhouse?

No special tools are needed to prepare your greenhouse for the new season. First of all, you should get a shovel and a rake. It is also worth purchasing everything that will be needed for further processing of the soil. Do not forget about such important components:

  • Humus
  • Sawdust
  • Ash
  • Peat

For feeding, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate fertilizers. It depends on what the owner can afford to fertilize the land.

How to prepare a greenhouse?

As you know, the greenhouse keeps quite high temperature and humidity indicators. This is what influences the excellent growth of a variety of crops. But such conditions contribute to the fact that pests and diseases develop better in the soil. To protect the greenhouse and the future harvest, it is worth taking a series of actions.

Initially, it is necessary to remove all plant residues that were previously grown on the territory. For example, tomatoes often suffer from late blight. But the causative agents of this disease remain on the plant tops. As a result, the disease can be transmitted to other crops. To prevent this from happening, you need to dig up the ground well with a shovel. In this way, it will turn out and remove the roots of the old plants and weeds.

It is necessary to disinfect the soil. For this, sulfur fumigation is carried out. In this way, you can destroy pests, infection, fungi. Soil preparation deserves special attention. Indeed, for the entire summer season, many different harmful insects have appeared in the earth.

They've probably laid the larvae already. It is imperative to get rid of them. Otherwise, you will have to deal with saving the harvest. Some vegetables that people love and appreciate have a detrimental effect on the soil.

They lead to its exhaustion, infection with various diseases. For example, it is better not to grow tomatoes in one place every year, because they infect the soil with late blight. For this reason, experienced gardeners carefully cultivate the land after tomatoes, and after them they are engaged in the cultivation of carrots, herbs and other crops.

Not only the land is important in the preparation of the greenhouse, but also its frame. If the structure is installed correctly, then the harvest will be of high quality. But during the winter period, various situations can occur when the frame of the greenhouse is damaged. For example, a large amount of snow can cause not only damage, but also destroy the structure.

Therefore, in the spring, it is worthwhile to review the state of the frame well. If necessary, you need to fix it. The whole structure must be strong. It is also important to do proper cleaning. Experienced gardeners easily carry out this work. But beginners definitely have a lot of questions. All plants are initially harvested. They must not be left in the greenhouse. They are taken out of it and burned.

In this way, the earth can rest. It may seem that the soil does not require any kind of processing. But it contains a large number of different insects that can harm the future harvest. To destroy them, you need to remove the topsoil. Its depth is about 10 cm. After that it is sieved. This is quite a painstaking task, but the result is worth the effort. It should not be forgotten that harmful insects are not afraid of frosty days.

After that, it is worth starting to wash the glasses, walls and other parts of the greenhouse installation. During the summer period, bacteria and mold could accumulate on them. To do this, use ordinary laundry soap. You do not need to use metal brushes to clean surfaces. After all, they can easily cause damage. If corrosion appears, it must be covered.

Disinfection is also an important step for soil health. When the cleaning in the greenhouse is over, it is worth disinfecting the entire area. For this, a variety of chemicals are used. But the most popular and effective method is sulfur fumigation. To carry out disinfection, you can get sulfuric smoke bombs. You can also start preparing the mixture yourself. To process 1 cubic meter. m., you need to have 50 g of lump sulfur.

It is combined with kerosene, and then the resulting mixture is distributed throughout the greenhouse. It is laid out on iron baking sheets. Next, you need to set fire to the mixture, heading for the exit. The greenhouse closes well. It is necessary to return to it after 3 days. So, greenhouse preparation is an important procedure. If you do not do it, the harvest will deteriorate every year. Ultimately, the owners may not harvest enough fruit at all. Therefore, do not forget about greenhouse cleaning.

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