Hybrid tea roses: the best varieties, planting competent care

Hybrid tea roses: the best varieties, planting competent care

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Many gardeners dream of a garden filled with beautiful roses. Today, many people love hybrid tea roses, planting and caring for which requires some knowledge. What is special about these flowers? How to grow them?


  • What are the best varieties of hybrid tea roses?
  • What should be the site and soil?
  • How to plant this plant?
  • Features of caring for roses
  • Care Tips

What are the best varieties of hybrid tea roses?

Back at the end of the 18th century, breeders worked on this miracle, and they managed to bring out the first varieties of this interesting flower. They stood out for their buds, which are very beautiful and resilient. This plant blooms for a long time and can withstand bad weather conditions. But today there are thousands of varieties of hybrid tea roses. The most popular are the following types:

  1. Anastasia. This variety pleases with beautiful snow-white flowers. Often it is grown for the purpose of selling it in flower shops, since the plant tolerates different conditions very well.
  2. Black Baccarat. This variety originated in France. It was created for elite people, as the rose has a gorgeous look. Velvet petals, painted in black burgundy. A bouquet of these roses looks luxurious and rich.
  3. Red Queen. The buds are medium-sized, painted in bright red. This variety is grown by many gardeners, as it does not stand out for being particularly whimsical.
  4. Piccadilly. The color of such a flower can be compared to a spring butterfly. It is dyed orange-cream. Each petal has a reddish border. This variety is not capricious. These flowers are often used for large events such as weddings.
  5. Gloria Dei. This variety pleases with huge beige buds. These flowers look delicate, so they will be the perfect decoration for any garden.
  6. Bob Hope. These roses are colored crimson. They give off an amazing scent. Several flowers can form on one branch. Abundant flowering.

What should be the site and soil?

It is best to grow hybrid tea roses in areas that are well lit. The southeast sides are perfect, where the groundwater is at a low level. It is recommended to plant small trees nearby. This will protect the roses from strong winds without interfering with normal air circulation. If the plant does not receive the proper amount of air masses, then it will suffer from various diseases.

Hybrid tea roses grow well on light loamy soil. If the soil is different at the chosen planting site, it is worth adding additional components. For example, heavy soil is supplemented with compost, sand, ash, and light soil - clay, humus.

How to plant this plant?

If you plant a rose correctly, in the future it will develop normally and delight with its flowers. To begin with, it is worth preparing a landing site. It is worth planting the plant in the soil that has already warmed up. The end of spring is ideal for this. Initially, it is worth preparing the pit by following the following sequence:

  • Vermicompost is being prepared. One seedling will require 3 liters
  • A hole is dug to a depth of 0.6 meters
  • Prepared humus connects to the ground
  • The resulting mixture is poured into the hole in half.

Next, the seedlings are prepared. You can buy them back in March. They should be left in the damp sand in the basement. You can also place it in a pot of soil and place it on a windowsill. Before planting, the roots are cut, they should be white inside. Experienced gardeners soak the plant in water for 30 minutes. After the manipulation done, you can start the planting process. It is carried out in the following sequence:

  • The roots are placed in the hole. The vaccination site deepens by a few centimeters
  • If the ground is dry, then about 2 liters of water is poured into the hole.
  • The hole is dug in and the soil is compacted
  • Watering in progress

If signs of disease appear, then it is recommended to treat the plant with agents that protect against disease after the plants have been planted. Experienced gardeners advise against allowing roses that have just been planted to bloom. When the first 5 buds appear, they must be broken off. This is done to strengthen the root system. When the plant reaches 50 cm, then you can leave the buds. This will happen quickly as the young seedlings develop rapidly.

Features of caring for roses

In order for the plant to please with frequent flowering, it must be provided with the necessary conditions and care. Experienced gardeners recommend taking care of the roses carefully and carefully. There must be organic matter in the soil. For this, mulching with manure or other organic matter is carried out. In this way, the rose will be protected from pests, rot, and will not dry out.

It is systematically worth treating plants from pests. For this, special mixtures are used. They can be purchased at specialized stores.

If roses are grown where winters are harsh, then it is worth giving them shelter. For this, you can use a geotextile fabric. The rose needs frequent and abundant watering, especially if the climate is dry enough. If the plant is grown in humid conditions, then weekly watering is enough. Do not forget about cutting dry foliage, regularly feeding, removing stepchildren.

Care Tips

Professionals advise adhering to these recommendations:

  1. For roses, the best mulch is manure, which is mixed with sawdust and foliage humus.
  2. It is recommended to water in the late evening. In this way, the roots will receive the maximum amount of moisture.
  3. If the winter is not severe frosts, then there is no need to make a shelter. In this way, the plant, on the contrary, will harden well.

To protect the rose from diseases and pests, it is recommended to plant marigolds nearby. They are grown around the rose garden. This is due to the fact that they secrete enzymes that many harmful organisms and diseases are afraid of. So, hybrid tea roses can be the perfect garden decoration. But it is worth knowing some rules for planting and caring for them so that they delight with their flowers.

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