Planting tomatoes in open ground - tips for the gardener

Planting tomatoes in open ground - tips for the gardener

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Tomato is a capricious vegetable, loves warmth and light, is not friendly with the wind and excess moisture. And getting a crop in the open field, subject to some simple conditions, is not such a difficult thing.

Tomatoes are planted in open ground at such a time that there are no night frosts. This usually happens from the second decade of May. The place is chosen sunny, leeward. It is better to prepare the soil a week before planting: treat it with copper sulfate, dig it up and apply fertilizer. Only after that, plant the seedlings in previously made holes, watered with warm water. The depth of the hole will depend on the height of the seedlings themselves, but only the soil pot should be deepened. And after 2 weeks, the tomato is spud about 12 cm.

You should immediately take care of the tomato pegs. Watering is carried out 10 days after the plants have taken root a little. It is advisable to do this with a solution of potassium permanganate (2 g / 10 l of water) in order to avoid infection with late blight.

It is worth noting that planting tomatoes in open ground is a rather stressful process for plants. Therefore, some of them begin to fade. Often these are the specimens that did not receive enough sunlight. There is nothing wrong with such a phenomenon. After 2-3 weeks, these tomatoes will acquire a healthy look and, with proper care, will delight you with a good harvest.

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