Tomato bonsai: features and growing rules for beginner gardeners

Tomato bonsai: features and growing rules for beginner gardeners

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The bonsai tomato is a small potted plant. But in order to get a good harvest, you should familiarize yourself with the rules for planting and caring for a tomato.


  • Features of bonsai tomatoes
  • Sowing tomatoes
  • Seedling care
  • Planting seedlings and care
  • Flowering tomatoes

Features of bonsai tomatoes

This variety of tomatoes belongs to the determinate species, which stand out for their small height. Bonsai tomatoes grow no more than half a meter, stand out with a quick ripening. They are grown on balconies, verandas in pots. But many gardeners plant tomatoes outdoors, where they also produce excellent harvests.

The collected fruits are used for making salads, preservation. In addition, the bushes of the plant stand out for their beautiful decorative appearance, therefore they are also grown as a decoration.

The following advantages of the variety are distinguished:

  1. Bonsai tomatoes have high yields. From one shrub, you can collect about 2 kilograms of miniature tomatoes.
  2. The plant does not need to be tied up, which is a big plus.
  3. After planting, it will take up to 90 days, after which the first fruits will ripen.
  4. Tomatoes have a beautiful and flavorful appearance. They weigh up to 65 grams, their shape is round, and they are painted in bright red.
  5. Tomatoes are often called a balcony miracle, since they can be used to perfectly decorate balconies, while also receiving a reward in the form of delicious fruits. When the tomatoes have not yet ripened in the gardens, the bonsai variety already pleases with its ripe tomatoes.

This view can be placed in a place that is in the shade or in the sun. The main thing is that the balcony or loggia is well lit. This will improve yields.

Sowing tomatoes

Sowing tomatoes should be done in February or March. Initially, it is necessary to prepare the soil for planting. For this, you can purchase ready-made soil, which is intended for growing tomatoes. Alternatively, you can make the mixture yourself. For this, manure, turf soil and peat are mixed. All components must be taken in the same proportion. Next, the prepared soil is poured into cups.

The seeds are not yet placed in the soil, but it needs to be watered for several days. For this, warm water is used.

Experienced gardeners pre-soak the seed, although this is not a necessary procedure. Seeds germinate well in dry form; plastic or paper cups are suitable for planting. 2 grains are placed in the ground, they deepen by 1 centimeter. When the seedlings grow, it is worth looking at their condition and leaving the plant that develops better. The seedlings that have been left are pinched.

Seedling care

After the emergence of shoots, you must adhere to simple rules of care. Watering is carried out infrequently. Moisten the soil once a week. But it is forbidden to use cold water. It should be at room temperature, first stand a little. Where seedlings are grown, it is worth adhering to a certain temperature regime.

In the daytime, the air temperature should be about 20 degrees, and at night it should not fall below 16 degrees. If the room is too hot, then it is necessary to periodically ventilate. But this must be done carefully so that the cold air does not damage the seedlings. Until the young plant has been moved to a permanent place, it is necessary to make top dressing. This procedure is repeated 3 times. For this, special fertilizers are used for tomatoes. It is worth reading the instructions well and observing the dosage.

Bonsai tomato video:

For the first time, the plant is fed when 12 days have passed after the emergence of sprouts. The second time this procedure is repeated after 10 days, and the last time it is carried out 7 days before the planned landing in a permanent place. In order for the seedlings to grow beautiful and of the same shape, it is necessary to systematically rotate the cups where it is planted so that the sun illuminates the plant from different sides.

Planting seedlings and care

It is recommended to plant each plant in a separate container. For this, pots are used. But many people plant seedlings in long boxes. Initially, it is watered, and then removed from the cups and placed in pots. It is worth not forgetting that bonsai tomatoes love the sun, so it is recommended to place the pots in sunny places. The owners need to monitor the soil, as it should not be waterlogged or dry. If the weather is hot and dry, then the plant is watered every other day.

There is a little trick that helps speed up the development of tomatoes, the appearance of fruits. For this, a tear is made of the roots. The owner should grab the stem and gently pull it up. In this way, the small roots come off. After this procedure, watering and hilling are carried out. During development, it is recommended to fertilize tomatoes. For example, periodically it is worth pouring a couple of tablespoons of wood ash under the bush.

Flowering tomatoes

If the plant develops normally, then after a while it will bloom. But its bloom does not stand out for its special beauty. The usual small pale flowers appear on the bushes. They all have both male and female sex cells. For this reason, the plant does not need to artificially pollinate or shake the pollen. When brushes with ovaries have formed, it is recommended to remove the branches that are on the side and have not yet bloomed.

This will help improve the development and emergence of the fruit. But this can spoil the appearance of the bushes. After flowering, small tomatoes appear. Subsequently, they change in color. They are initially green, then tinted yellow and orange. Finally, they turn red.

It is not necessary to wait until the fruits are fully ripe. You can also use unripe tomatoes. By the way, they are not afraid of the cold on the windowsill. So, bonsai tomatoes are an excellent plant that can be used to decorate windowsills and balconies. In addition, for proper care, you can get a good harvest in the form of miniature tomatoes.

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