Creeping juniper: care, tips for growing

Creeping juniper: care, tips for growing

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The creeping juniper is a small bush, it can grow no more than 10 centimeters in height. This plant can easily adapt to the ground in which it was planted, it can grow even in rocky conditions. Juniper does not lose its appearance both in the sun and in the shade.


  • Juniper care
  • Some care tips
  • Plant propagation

Juniper care

Juniper can grow normally under all conditions. But, nevertheless, he prefers sunny areas more. It must be planted in a permanent place in mid-spring or late summer. You should also adhere to these rules:

  1. When planting, the rhizome may be damaged. To prevent this from happening, it is planted with a lump of soil.
  2. The width and depth of the hole that is dug for planting will depend on what size the plant itself and its root system have.
  3. With high soil moisture, drainage should be done initially, and then a juniper should be planted. Crushed brick is ideal for him. A layer of up to 20 centimeters is laid.

Juniper has no particular preference for soil. But it develops well on soil, which consists of peat, turf and sand. After a certain time, this plant will begin to grow and line the grass carpet. Therefore, you need to take this into account and plant not each plant close to each other. Otherwise, each bush will grow on its neighbor. This will create shadow, and the plant will not be able to receive the proper amount of light. After a while, the juniper needs feeding. It is carried out in the spring. For this, fertilizer for conifers is used. One square meter will require 40 grams of such feeding.

A newly planted juniper needs frequent watering. When the plant is already growing up, it can easily tolerate drought.

But in extreme heat, it is recommended not to forget about watering; spraying will also benefit the plant. It should be done in the evening. It is recommended to prepare the ground before planting. First you need to remove all the weeds. Since the plant grows with a carpet, it does not need protection from the snow load. But it is advisable to protect the bright sun. In the autumn, the juniper should be covered with a green net. If dry branches appear, then they need to be removed. But trimming does not need to be done. The owners must ensure that dry leaves do not fall on the needles in the fall. They need to be removed.

Some care tips

Certain conditions must be provided for the juniper to maintain its appearance. In this case, it will develop and grow well. In order for the plant to always look beautiful, experienced gardeners are advised to adhere to these rules:

  1. If it gets too hot, cover the plant
  2. Juniper needs watering and spraying to avoid getting burnt
  3. The plant should be sprayed at a distance, in which case it will not bend from the water
  4. A variety of devices are used in the winter so that the snow does not spoil the appearance of the plant.
  5. When spring comes, pruning dry and damaged branches should be done
  6. The branches that spoil the appearance are also deleted.
  7. In July, the plant should be cut

Junipers should not be planted near the house itself, but at a distance of at least 2 meters

This plant, as already mentioned, easily takes root on any soil. But experienced gardeners recommend using loamy soil for planting. You should also plant the bushes correctly, not close to each other, since the juniper does not like crowding. As soon as the planting has been carried out, you need to sprinkle the soil with sawdust. After a while, the soil should be loosened. This will benefit the development of the juniper.

Plant propagation

Juniper is a dioecious plant. This means that it can be propagated in two ways, namely vegetatively or with the help of seeds. When the second option is chosen, then decorative properties will not be transferred. For this reason, it is recommended to propagate the juniper by cuttings. To do this, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. First you need to do the cutting of the cuttings. This will require a plant that is already at least 8 years old. Cuttings are trimmed in April or May.
  2. It is recommended to use cuttings that are longer than 10 centimeters.
  3. From the bottom, you need to remove the needles by 5 centimeters.

Old wood should remain at the end. After that, it is required to immerse the cut cutting in a solution that stimulates growth. It is sold in almost all garden stores. After that, the cutting can be placed in the ground. After that, the seedling should be covered with polyethylene film. It needs to be put in a dark place. The soil should not dry out, therefore, the planted cutting should be systematically sprayed.

If you provide all the conditions, as well as take care of the plant, then 1-1.5 months will pass, and the first roots will begin to grow. After a while, the cutting should be transplanted into the open ground. This must be done with the land in which he grew up at the beginning of summer. The plant needs protection from the cold in winter. For this, a variety of devices are used. Now it will take time for the juniper to get stronger. After 2-3 years, it can be transplanted to the place that was planned to be chosen for constant growth.

Keep in mind that growing conifers is a little different from caring for deciduous ones. Even in winter, needles are capable of evaporating moisture. It needs a good rhizome for normal growth. If you adhere to the elementary rules, the juniper will delight with its appearance.

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