The real general: grapes Muromets. Features of the variety

The real general: grapes Muromets. Features of the variety

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The very name "Muromets" makes it clear to us that we are talking about a fairly large variety of table grapes. Almost all lovers of sweet and sour berries have Muromets. And all thanks to the fact that the grapes ripen quite early, and more than 10 kilograms of harvest can be harvested from one bush!


  • Muromets grapes: features of the variety
  • Competent care equals a bountiful harvest
  • How to store bunches of grapes on a bush?

Muromets grapes: features of the variety

Muromets can be found in almost every garden plot. Grapes do not require special attention to their person, but they like to pamper their owners with tasty and rather massive bunches of berries. Just imagine one bunch can reach 500 grams of weight, and this is a good indicator for a bush plant. Muromets refers to a table grape variety, very early ripening. A ripe bush can reach 1.5 in length. Like any other type of grape, the Muromets weaves, so he needs a special fence.

Grape leaves are rather large, five-lobed, with an elongated central lobe. The sheets can reach a diameter of 10 centimeters, veins are visible on them. Muromets is covered with shoots, this gives an excellent opportunity to engage in vegetative propagation, especially since the grapes are not very capricious in planting and care. The bunch of grapes is quite large, the average weight of a bunch is 400 grams, although some specimens can reach a weight of 1000 grams. Be careful and cut off ripe bunches in time.

If you do not harvest the harvest in time, not only the bunches, but the grape bush itself may suffer.

The marketability of grapes is quite high, it is widely used in the preparation of:

  • table and dessert varieties of wine drinks
  • compotes, juices
  • jams, preserves
  • dried fruits

Muromets has earned special respect among our vineyards, thanks to its good resistance to frost and grape diseases. Fleshy, sweet and sour berries will appeal to all lovers of fresh fruit. Grapes will easily lie for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator, as they practically do not give in to rot. This is such a "blue general". Massive bunches and easy care are the main advantages of grapes. But how to care for the bush so that it gives the owner a generous harvest?

Competent care equals a bountiful harvest

For the normal development of a grape bush, high-quality and competent care is required. If you are new to the grape business, then remember a few basic tips for caring for Muromets: moderate watering, top dressing, pruning the bushes and competently warming the bush for the winter.

Video about the grape variety "Muromets":

Remember, grapes are a fairly moisture-loving plant, which means that the bush needs a timely portion of water treatments. In the summer, water every two days, in the fall, reduce watering down to once a week (here a lot depends on the season, that is, rainy autumn, or vice versa, dry). It is better to start feeding in the autumn season. As a top dressing, you can take ordinary humus of artiodactyls. If this is not quite your style, then store feeding with the necessary amount of trace elements will help you. Pruning will not only help improve the appearance of the grapes, but also improve the yield.

Muromets is an early grape variety, therefore it is necessary to cut off the "unnecessary" branches along the first lattice, that is, about 50 centimeters from the beginning of the soil. Keep track of the number of "eyes", there should be a minimum number. Warming of grapes for the winter.

If the air temperature reaches below -15 degrees Celsius, then you, as the owner of Muromets, must take care of keeping it warm. In late autumn, dig a shallow, long hole, carefully wrap the bush with special material, and place the grapes in its "house". In early spring, you can start digging up Muromets. If you follow these simple tips, the grapes will delight you not only with a good harvest, but also with resistance to various plant "diseases".

How to store bunches of grapes?

When fully ripe, any kind of grape becomes a real bait for wasps. A large amount of sugar accumulates in the berries, which beckons arthropods. Ripe bunches of grapes must be removed from the bush in time. So, the owner will be able to get absolutely whole berries, and the load on the bush will decrease significantly. How to extend the "life" of grapes:

  1. Try to carefully cut the bunches. Use a garden shears to do this.
  2. Go through the grapes. Bunches with damaged berries must be separated from whole ones. This will slow down the process of crop rot.
  3. Don't wash the grapes. The washed off wax triggers the berry “decomposition” mechanism faster.
  4. It is better to store bunches of grapes in a separate drawer of the refrigerator.
  5. The desired air temperature in refrigeration equipment should reach the range of + 5-8 degrees.

These tips will help extend the life of your crop. If stored properly, Muromets can lie in refrigeration equipment for more than one month. And this, you must agree, is a good reason to correctly "lay" the bunches of your favorite delicacy!

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