How to properly grow a blue spruce from seeds?

How to properly grow a blue spruce from seeds?

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Buying blue spruce seedlings is not cheap. Therefore, many gardeners grow it on their own using seeds or cuttings. It is a rather lengthy procedure, but it is interesting and exciting. How to grow a blue spruce without the help of professionals?


  • Seed preparation
  • Planting seeds
  • Ready-made seedlings
  • Growing rules

Seed preparation

First, you need to prepare the seeds. This will require:

  • blue spruce cones
  • fertile land (it should be neutral or slightly acidic)
  • containers for growing indoor plants
  • drainage

Initially, you should start looking for winter cones. You can get seeds from them. In winter, cones are collected, and then they should be placed in a place with a warm temperature. In this way, they are dried. After a while, the bumps will begin to open. Next, you need to carefully remove the seeds. You need to be careful not to damage them. The resulting seed is placed in a container with sand, which must first be moistened, and placed in the refrigerator. They are left in such conditions until spring.

Before planting, the seeds must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. There is a very effective method of preparing seeds for planting. For this, snow is used. Snow, which is in the shade, needs to be tamped, dig a hole into which a bag of seeds is placed. Sprinkle with sawdust on top. This is done to prevent rapid snow melting. In this way, the seeds are stored until spring. After that, they should also be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. This prevents disease from occurring.

Planting seeds

The seeds are planted in conventional pots designed for growing indoor plants. Garden soil should be used for this, which is mixed with humus and peat. The seeds are planted to a depth of 1.5 cm. When they are planted, the soil is moistened. The soil should be kept moist before the seeds begin to germinate. If everything is done correctly, then after 2-3 weeks sprouts will appear. Blue spruce tolerates frost well, so the seedlings should be placed in open ground so that they can be accepted when the frost ends.

Lime soil negatively affects blue spruce. Therefore, it is acidified before planting. This procedure is carried out using ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. To prevent the plant from rotting the rhizome when it rains heavily, drainage from rubble or crushed brick should be done before planting in the hole.

Initially, the seedlings are carefully removed from the container in which they matured. Care must be taken not to damage the roots. This must be done quickly so that the seedlings do not dry out in the air. After that, the roots are processed with a clay mash.

A blue spruce is planted in a place that is protected from direct sunlight. To prevent decay of the rhizome, do not water the plant abundantly. Spraying should be done daily. After the procedure done, you should be patient, carefully look after the spruce. It will begin to develop and grow. After 3 years, you need to plant the seedlings at a greater distance from each other. There should be 1-2 meters between them. Avoid planting your spruce where potatoes or corn were once grown; it is very difficult to grow blue spruce from seed. But as a result, a beautiful tree grows, which cleans the air well, has a positive effect on the human nervous system.

Ready-made seedlings

If germinating seeds seems like a daunting task, then you can purchase ready-made seedlings. You need to choose them correctly, since the quality of the root system, its size, and the general condition of the blue spruce are important. It is recommended to plant such a plant in winter. This is the right time. Blue spruce is frost-resistant. If you plant it in the winter, the chance to preserve the tree's rhizome increases.

A pit is prepared in advance for planting a tree. It should be insulated with tree foliage. You need to dig a hole of a suitable size so that the root system fits freely. But the soil should not be frozen. The plant is immersed in a hole and covered with earth. After planting, the earth is able to sink a little. For this reason, it is necessary to plant the seedling so that the root collar protrudes from the soil by 5 cm.When the blue spruce is transplanted, it is necessary to maintain its previous location. To prevent the tree from being swayed by the wind, it is fixed with a wire. If planting occurs at the beginning of winter, then the rhizome is insulated. In this way, frost protection is created.

For planting seedlings, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. The seedling should be about 70 cm high.
  2. The place should be sunny, but protected from direct rays. The sun makes the tree look beautiful.
  3. It should be remembered that the root system of a tree grows rapidly. For this reason, experienced gardeners make a limiter for her. For this, a strip foundation is used.
  4. The hole that is dug for planting must be of sufficient volume.

To grow blue spruce, you should choose a suitable soil. It must pass moisture and air well. This will allow the roots to breathe normally and the water will be absorbed quickly. If the land is poorly permeable to water, then drainage should be used. If more than one seedling is planted, then a certain distance between them must be observed. It should be about 1-2 meters. In this way, each tree will have its own space for development.

The spruce planting depth should be about 0.5 meters. At the bottom of the pit, a mixture is laid out, which helps the tree to strengthen its strength. This is crushed stone and small stone. Crushed brick is also used. Fertilizer should be applied to the soil.

Growing rules

To grow a blue spruce, experienced gardeners give tips that recommend paying attention to the soil, proper support and feeding for the young seedling. This plant is not demanding on the soil, it does not need a highly fertile soil. Normal land will suffice. But it should not be dry and chalky. It was often noticed that the seedlings died after the end of winter. For this reason, it is recommended to plant young seedlings in the spring so that they take root well before the next winter. It is necessary to monitor the moisture content of the soil. If necessary, water it.

Young plants are still sensitive to cold. For this reason, it is recommended to protect them with snow or spruce branches. Spruce often suffers from fungal diseases. You should systematically deal with them using biological products. A support should be provided for a young tree. In this way, it will not tilt, but will grow normally. If you take into account all the simple rules, the blue spruce will grow normally and decorate the summer cottage.

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