Pozharsky's bell: useful tips for plant care and propagation

Pozharsky's bell: useful tips for plant care and propagation

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Pozharsky's bell is a popular flower that many gardeners plant in their summer cottages.

But this plant also requires a certain care for itself, you need to know how to grow it.

This bell has been decorating gardens for many years. He has earned the love of people from all over the world, as he has an attractive and cute appearance.


  • What is this flower?
  • Planting the Pozharsky bell
  • Plant care
  • Bell reproduction

What is this flower?

Pozharsky's bell pleases the eye not only in gardens, it also grows in the wild. It can be found in the Balkans.

This is a perennial plant that does not have a great height, and its shoots are creeping. In width, it grows up to 30 centimeters, and in height - up to 20.

The foliage of the plant has a round shape, it is small, and the inflorescences resemble stars or bells. They are collected in groups, and located at the end of the stems.

The plant blooms for about a month, it happens in July. The Pozharsky bell has mountain roots, and appeared in the gardens about a hundred years ago.

He tolerates the shade well, he is not afraid of the winter cold. This is a fairly hardy plant. You can find inflorescences of different colors. They are:

  • Blue
  • Bluish
  • Pink
  • Purple

Planting a bell Pozharsky

For those who decide to plant a bell in their garden, you should know some of the nuances. They are almost the same in all plant species.

Despite the fact that the bell can tolerate shade normally, it is recommended to plant it in a place where the sun shines for a long time. Water should not stagnate here.

If a place is chosen where moisture will accumulate near the roots, then the plant may suffer in winter. The bell will freeze, so it will die.

Light soil is ideal for the plant. If it is heavy, sand or humus should be added to it. Gardeners are advised to add sod land to poor soil.

Soil preparation should be done in advance. Initially, the territory where it is planned to plant the bell must be dug up, weeds are removed, humus is introduced.

It is better not to add fresh manure to the soil, as you can infect the plant with fungi. Thus, the bell should be planted in neutral soil. In other cases, additional additives are added.

Plant care

The bell should not be poured, watering should be moderate. If the weather is humid, then the plant need not be watered. For flowering to be longer, it is recommended to eliminate inflorescences that have already faded.

Video on how to grow a bell correctly:

The bell grows intensively in the spring, so it is at this time that fertilizers should be applied.

It will be useful to add wood ash, which is laid out on the surface. Less often, the soil should be mulched, which is located near the roots.

When the buds begin to set, you can use a solution of mineral fertilizers.

It should be remembered that the bell does not grow to a large size, but it can become overgrown with weeds. For this reason, gardeners are advised to systematically remove them, at this time you can loosen the ground, and the bell loves this procedure.

Some people collect the seeds of the plant to use for planting later.

In this case, you need to observe the shade of the seed pod. It should take on a brown color, then you should cut it off. Otherwise, the plant itself will begin to sow.

The bell is rarely attacked by pests, diseases appear. Fungal diseases should be feared.

Bell reproduction

There are different techniques for propagating a bell. It is recommended to do it vegetatively:

  • cut off the rhizome
  • share a bush
  • use root suckers
  • apply cuttings

It is allowed to use cuttings that appeared in the spring for propagation.

You can also collect the seeds from which the bell is grown. If the roots have short branches, then it is better to exclude the way in which part of the rhizome is cut off. A plant that takes long roots is suitable for this method.

If reproduction will take place with the help of seeds, then first you need to collect the boxes, and then dry them.

Next, you need to open the pores from which the seeds fall out. They are black and should be placed in a bright place. They need to be poured out in the fall, but until frosts appear.

If such a period was missed, then sowing can be done in the spring. Some gardeners grow seedlings initially, and some pour the seeds directly into the ground.

Seedlings should be planted in the soil when 3 leaves appear and there will be no frost outside.

If you use a vegetative propagation method, then the result will be a plant that fully matches the mother's bell.

He will have all the signs and characteristics. This is especially important if a person is engaged in the cultivation of rare species.

When 3 years have passed after planting, Pozharsky's bell can be divided. But this should be done carefully.

After this procedure, the plant will take a certain time for it to take root. Better to choose for this May or August.

To divide a bush, you need to adhere to the following sequence:

  1. Initially, the bush needs to be dug up.
  2. Further, the shoots that have formed above the ground are removed.
  3. The root is divided into several parts, so that each of them has buds of renewal and division.
  4. The resulting seedling must be placed in the soil, and the renewal bud must be on the surface of the soil.

So, Pozharsky's bell is a beautiful plant that can be used to decorate a summer cottage, but you need to take into account the rules for caring for it.

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